Chapter 256 – Like Flowers in Full Bloom (4)

    Chapter 256 - Like Flowers in Full Bloom (4)

    The little qilin was shocked as it didn't seem to believe that Ning Xuemo would bluntly agree to the man's words.

    The red clothed man shook his head while he looked at the qilin. "Little qilin, you are still so naive! Humans have always been this sly. In order to survive, they can sacrifice anyone, not to mention that you are merely her pampered pet. It's inevitable that she would sacrifice you. Now do you feel like an idiot?"

    The little qilin tightly shut its mouth and no longer spoke.

    The red clothed man glanced at it. "However, if you want to back out now, I still can give you the opportunity to do so. As long as you say that she was the one who saved me, I can let you go. You also don't need to fear the ten years contract. If you agree to kill her, I will naturally undo that contract of yours, making her death no longer your problem..."

    The man was clearly an expert at grabbing others' weakness. His mental attacks were honed to the point of perfection. With only a word or two, he could cause suspicions to arise inside the other's heart, giving birth to wariness between allies.

    The little qilin's wisdom was a bit lacking, thus he wanted to instigate it to rebel against Ning Xuemo.

    This man's main source of entertainment was spectating the life and death battles between allies turned enemies...

    During the time the man spoke with the little qilin, Ning Xuemo didn't utter a word and merely smiled while listening to them.

    The little qilin watched the smiling Ning Xuemo. Her smile was warm, appeasing its mind for some unknown reason, causing it to remember his mother...

    It hardened its heart and raised its head before shouting to the man, "Don't spout out rubbish! This little grandpa said he did it then he did! Right now, I really regret that I saved you! However, a man's matters need to be handle like a man! I will not involve my Master into this!"

    "Stupid!" The red clothed man spat out the word; a faint golden light flashed inside his palm before it took the form of a double-edge sword. "You can use this sword to kill it." He raised his hand, and the sword fell into Ning Xuemo's hand.

    The sword was heavy, more heavy than she expected, causing her to stagger from the sudden weight of it that she almost tumbled to the ground. She hurriedly pressed the sharp end on the ground to stabilize the sword and support her body.

    A condescending look flashed through the red clothed man's face; it appeared to him that this little human girl didn't possess much ability. For her to use the sword in such a way...

    His sword weighed around 50kg, so Ning Xuemo needed to use both hands to lift it with great difficulty. She used her fingers to flick the sword's edge. The sword hummed, echoing throughout and causing the air inside the hall to vibrate.

    "A good sword!" Ning Xuemo praised. She raised her hand to look at the man to confirm with him again, "Will you let me go after I kill it?"

    "Of course!" The man smiled. However, his smile carried a trace of ridicule. "Although you humans love to go back on your words, we don't."

    "Then, are you a devil or a demon?" Ning Xuemo inquired.

    "That is none of your business!" The red clothed man's face sank but he continued, "If you want to kill, just hurry up! What I hate the most are slow people!"

    Ning Xuemo let out a faint sigh as she looked at the little qilin. "Little Apple, I'm sorry! Today, I need to kill you. However, since you were loyal to me, I can let you die near the guqin you love so much..."

    Each step she took slowly brought her closer to the little qilin. Little Apple instinctively retreated step by step toward the crystal coffin...

    The red clothed man crossed his arms while leaning on the crystal coffin, excitement flashing through his eyes. What he loves the most are scenes of slaughter and battles to the death.

    "Little Apple, look at the sword!" Ning Xuemo angrily shouted as she raised the sword and slashed it toward the little qilin's chest!
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