Chapter 257 – Tricked by Her! (1)

    Chapter 257 - Tricked by Her! (1)

    The little qilin subconsciously retreated toward the left, but it suddenly vaulted forward and pounced at the red-clothed man, who stood on its left with his arms crossed while watching the scene with enjoyment.

    The double-edged sword in Ning Xuemo's hand was like a meteor, bending midway and directly flying towards the red-clothed man's chest!

    The movement was skilled, completely missing the sluggishness that she had shown a moment ago. Swift and clean with a crafty angle and speed like lightning, even the best swordmasters couldn't compare!

    Because of the sudden attack, the red-clothed man's expression changed. He clearly never expected that this human-beast duo would actually dare to cause mischief right in front of him!

    The little qilin used his claws to scratch the man's lower body, while Ning Xuemo's attack targeted his upper body. In the blink of an eye, all of his retreat routes were completely closed off by this human-beast duo!

    However, he wasn't just anyone. Unexpectedly, he whirled around, and two snow-white fingers grabbed the edge of the sword like lightning!

    Ning Xuemo's explosive attack was suddenly countered, and the pale-gold sword stopped mid-way. The momentum of their attacks came forcibly to a halt. The man took advantage of this moment to send out a kick, but his kick actually targeted the little qilin's nose!

    Who knew that the little qilin's pounce would also be unsuccessful; it still hadn't pounced on the man, but in order to evade the deadly kick, it had to flip around mid-air.

    With a toss of his sleeves, the red-clothed man seized the hilt of the pale gold Treasure Sword, while coldly laughing. "Just the two of you and you still want to scheme against me..."

    Abruptly, he stopped speaking. Looking at his palm where he suddenly felt a sharp pain, he realized that a needle as thin as cow hair was embedded into the hilt of the sword. The needle was extremely thin, yet it flashed with a lustrous blue light, clearly revealing that it was coated with highly toxic poison. A drop of moss green blood pearled out on his white jade-like palm.

    He had been poisoned!

    This sword was originally his, and people usually don't protect themselves from or become wary of their own belongings.

    He really did not think that in the short time while Ning Xuemo had the sword, she added something on it!

    In fact in his heart, he had some suspicion that when she tumbled to avoid the sword earlier, it was all a farce that she purposefully wanted him to witness, so he would let his guard down.

    But this girl was really too young, around eleven or twelve, and was the weakest of mankind. She wouldn't be taking risks and playing tricks when she had an opportunity to live, right?

    Even though the red-clothed man had been a little suspicious of her, his guard had not been too high.

    He had felt that even if this girl really attacked him, with his skill he could withstand it and could even reverse the situation in the blink of an eye and kill her off.

    But what he never thought of was that from the beginning, the girl never wanted to injure him with the sword, but with poison instead!

    Even more annoying was that she had a back-up move, and it was precisely this move that made him abruptly halt in place, not daring to move forward one step. He narrowed his eyes and looked at the girl, who was standing in the crystal coffin, asking, "What are you doing?!"

    Ning Xuemo smiled as she looked at him, while holding the legendary Blackwave Zither to her chest with her left hand, while her right palm rested on the zither's strings like she was holding a blade. "What does Your Excellency think? What will I do?"

    'This little wench is simply more sly than a fox!'

    Each of the moves she made were all intricately linked together; even he, an old Jiang Hu master, was caught by her traps!

    The red-clothed man let his sleeves fall; the light in his eyes flashed as he looked at Ning Xuemo. "You're actually really clever! You even managed to make me fall into your trap..."
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