Chapter 258 – Tricked by Her! (2)

    Chapter 258 - Tricked by Her! (2)

    "However, your poison is only effective on ordinary people. It's not potent enough to affect me..." It took him some effort to speak. From the inside of his hanging down sleeve, deep green blood continued to drip, one drop at a time. At first, the color of the blood was green, but soon after, the deep shade of green became lighter and lighter until the color returned to a normal crimson.

    It was evident that he was poisoned, but in a flash, the poison was detoxified...

    Ning Xuemo's eyebrows slightly raised. She recklessly smiled, "My original goal wasn't to poison you..." Despite her words, she was loudly cursing inwardly in her mind. Her poison was potent enough to make a dinosaur collapse, but it was completely useless against that man...

    The red clothed man was able to force out the poison in an instant. He started to advance one step at a time, "Then, what was your intention?"

    "Stay there!" Ning Xuemo blinked, her palm pressed on the guqin's strings. The guqin let out a ear-piercing sound as if it couldn't handle the pressure of her hand.

    The man suddenly stopped, he spoke, his lips pursed, "If you dare to damage it even slightly, I will immediately rip your body into a thousand pieces!"

    "Move back eight steps obediently, then we will properly discuss." Ning Xuemo's palm didn't leave the strings, inwardly, she let out a sigh of relief. 'This bloody degenerate is sure fond of this guqin.' She was right to make such a dangerous move!

    The man simply moved back, his movements as smooth as flowing water. He retreated exactly eight steps, not one more or less "What do you want to discuss with me? But first, you have to let go of the guqin's strings..."

    Ning Xuemo's palm faintly rose and no longer stressed the strings, but her hand was still in contact with the strings. "Let's negotiate the conditions again. Don't play any tricks. You already knew about my prowess with the sword from just now. Although I might not be able to kill you, I still have enough force to easily destroy this guqin."

    The man had experienced her tricks earlier and knew that this girl's words weren't empty threats. Her strength vastly differed from what he had estimated. It was simply beyond what he had imagined!

    He slightly lowered his eyes and suddenly asked, "You don't draw your power from psychokinesis. What was it?"

    The corner of Ning Xuemo's mouth raised, "No comment!" Some things, the more it remained a mystery, the more it will give birth to apprehensions. The less people knew about her, the better.

    'What a cunning girl!'

    The red clothed man no longer asked about it. He simply observed her, then said, "Little girl, you're very bright. I admired you a lot... " A gleam flickered inside his emerald eyes. When he stared at someone, it would seemed as if his gentle gaze was trapping them...

    The little qilin who was standing next to Ning Xuemo stared at him in fear that he would make a move. The instant its gaze met with his eyes, its brain suddenly turned stupid while its body swayed!

    Ning Xuemo directly stomped on its front claw without hesitation!

    The sudden pain cleared out its mind. It glared hatefully at the man, "Hypnosis! Despicable!" It not longer dared to look into the man's eyes.

    The red clothed man slightly raised his eyebrows as surprise flashed through his eyes.

    His eyes were blessed with the ability to mesmerize people. Several thousand years ago, who knows how many people he hypnotized with his stare and died by his hands. Never did he expect that there would be a little girl who could resist his hypnosis today. In addition, she still had the energy to help her pet...

    'This little girl is not simple!'

    "Why is my hypnosis ineffective on you?" Since his mind was curious, he immediately asked.

    Dimples appeared on her cheeks as she simply smiled. This time, she didn't reply to him.
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