Chapter 259 – Tricked by Her! (3)

    Chapter 259 - Tricked by Her! (3)

    "No comments, again?" The red-clothed man watched her.

    "You're really bright." Ning Xuemo praised him. It was a matter of course that she kept silent about herself. As a secret agent, resisting hypnotism was part of her training curriculum.

    The red-clothed man "..."

    'This little girl's mouth is simply too watertight!'

    Furthermore, she had used all her energy to get that guqin from the start. If he made a slightly dangerous move, he believed that before he could obliterate her, she would have destroyed the guqin by then!

    This little girl is definitely striking his weak points

    He sighed in a low voice, "Alright! What do you want to discuss with me? You want me to spare the both of you?"

    Ning Xuemo laughed, "Your Excellency is quite intelligent. No need to waste too much words when speaking with intelligent people. However, you're only half right. I still have other conditions. If you don't agree to them, I will just die together with your guqin!"

    The red clothed man inwardly gritted his teeth, "Whatever conditions you have, say it all out now!"

    Ning Xuemo didn't hesitate. She started lay down the rest of the other conditions in a succinct and concise manner, "First, you must let us go, not even a strand of hair out of place. Second, you will open the exit to this place and send us to the surface. Third, you will swear that would not harm us for a lifetime. If you violate that oath, then you will be sealed once again in the crystal coffin for another 2,000 years!" In this world, people took oaths very seriously. Therefore, she might as well say these fierce words out.

    The red-clothed man "..."

    Finally, his graceful smile completely vanished, "Little girl, don't take a foot when I retreat an inch! Are you not afraid that benzuo[1] would play the guqin and make your soul fly off and be scattered?"

    Ning Xuemo's little mouth pursed, "Eh, I am afraid! I am very afraid that my soul might just fly off and get scattered... Therefore, if you don't utter that oath, it would be very detrimental to us later after we leave this place. We will end up in a similar situation like right now, fleeing to escape death. Rather than dying aggrieved later on, it will be better to destroy this Blackwave Zither, one of the Ten Great Divine Tools, now. I believe it wouldn't be considered a great grievance!"

    Her little fingers stroke the strings. Zheng! A sound similar to the ripping of silk was heard!

    Her strength control was excellent, so she didn't overexert herself enough to break the strings. Instead, she lacked the power to shake the hearts of people to the core with the guqin's sound.

    The little qilin was shaking in fright by the sudden sound which shook its brain.

    As for the red clothed man, his expression changed as if his heartstrings had been fiercely plucked by Ning Xuemo. His hands tightly clenched into a fist, "YOU!"

    The smile on Ning Xuemo had disappeared as she coldly stated, "My patience has its limits. I'll count to three. If you still haven't agreed to our terms, I'll simply bring this guqin with me to the other side! One!"

    The red clothed man changed as he didn't expected her to be so unwavering with her threats!

    In the end, he didn't dare to take the risk of provoking her. He took a deep breath and then said, "Alright! I agree to your conditions!"

    Ning Xuemo didn't buy his words at all, "You swear first."

    The man spoke the oath as she instructed. After he was done, with fuming anger, he told Ning Xuemo, "This time, you should be reassured, right? Now give me back my guqin!"

    Ning Xuemo beamed a sweet smile at him, "Your Excellency is really straightforward, I love it. Now, open the exit. After you send us out, it would truly be considered as you completing your part of the deal."

    'This little girl really won't allow herself to be disadvantaged even at the slightest!'

    The man was simply angered by her to the point that his teeth itched. However, he had no other options. Without any other choice, he waved his sleeve and a wave of pale golden light shot toward the ceiling of the hall.

    [1] Oh! Another pompous "I"! Benzou () is the synonym of benzun which is "I, this sovereign".
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