Chapter 264 – Let Me Send You Up (4)

    Chapter 264 - Let Me Send You Up (4)

    If Ning Xuemo had the choice, she would have preferred to settle Zhong Rushuang in one fight. However, her two senior brothers were here as well, and their skills couldn't be regarded as weak!

    If they dared to bring Zhong Rushuang with them to the Eighth Peak, their psychokinesis is certainly at least earth realm rank 3 or 4. They might be much stronger than Ji Yunhuang. She didn't want to add more enemies to her collection.

    As for the little qilin, it seemed as if it didn't have much ability. At best, it could defend itself with a water shield or whatever. It was very likely that he wasn't an opponent for these three people...

    She tried to think of a safe and sound escape route, another alternative to her predicament...

    Despite the uncertainty plaguing her mind, it could not be seen from her appearance. A smile exuding confidence still hung on her face.

    The three Bright Reverence's disciples didn't expect that despite Ning Xuemo being absolutely in a disadvantage, she could still remain calm. While sitting on the qilin's back, her manner was relaxed, comparable to that of an expert. That kind of demeanor caused their minds to be alarmed!

    At first, they didn't put Ning Xuemo in their eyes. Who in their right mind would view someone who is considered trash as a worthy opponent? Not to mention that their opponent was still a young girl less than 15 years old.

    Earlier, they pulled out so many justifications just to pin the appellation of demoness on Ning Xuemo and used the "just and honorable" reason to justify their actions to kill her and capture the little qilin beside her.

    Deep in their hearts, they were still unconvinced about Ning Xuemo's so-called real ability. To be able to reach the Eighth Peak, she could have simply encountered a "Great Fortune".

    However, looking at her current appearance brimming with confidence, their hearts suddenly felt a bit uncertain!

    'Maybe that little girl really possesses some sorcery? Otherwise, how can this divine qilin obediently let her sit on its back? And how can she charge to this place unscathed? What's more, who is that man clad in red behind her?''

    'This is strange! Very strange!'

    All three of them looked at each other, and they all read in their counterparts' eyes, the signal of a blitzkrieg strategy!

    The Eldest Senior Brother coldly laughed, "To handle these kinds of corrupted creatures, there's no need to be careful with the method! That demoness appears to be young, but who knows for sure if she's not already a several thousands year old monster! Second Brother, Junior Sister Shuang, let us do it together?!"

    At this moment, all three of them had tacit understanding and thought about charging at the same time.

    They glanced at each other and immediately attacked!

    Three different rays of light shot out towards Ning Xuemo and engulfed her!

    Their teamwork is very well coordinated. They simultaneously attacked Ning Xuemo; one attacked her chest, while the other attacked her abdomen, and the last one attacked her head.

    Every single ray of light split into more than 10 beams during their course toward their target, flickering with brilliance as they hone in toward Ning Xuemo, completely shrouding Ning Xuemo's body without a warning!

    Ning Xuemo let out a scream, while swinging the guqin in her arms to obstruct the attacks shot at her!

    'Damn it! My guqin!'

    Red-Clothed who was leisurely watching the scene let out a low curse. His figure flashed as he waved his sleeve. A pale golden sword took shape in an instant and appeared in a whirlwind in front of Ning Xuemo. The rays light that were about to reach Ning Xuemo began to twist and then dissipate!

    "Wretched girl! If you damage my guqin, I'm taking your life!" Red-Clothed's tone was not good, as he attentively watched Ning Xuemo's fingers.

    'This loathsome girl's fingers was just pulling on the guqin's strings. If she were to exert a bit more force, the strings would snap immediately!'

    Because he greatly cared about the guqin, his heart had many worries, and he didn't dare to start a fight with her.

    Meanwhile, the three others were greatly shocked. Although they had long noticed the man in red clothes, based on the principle of avoiding unnecessary troubles, they didn't involve the man in their dispute this time. Thus, they temporarily didn't pay attention to him...

    However, they didn't expect that at that crucial moment, the man would suddenly make a move. Not only that, his attack was this fierce, destroying their combined attacks without breaking a sweat!

    "Your Excellency, may I ask who are you? Why are you helping this demoness?" The Eldest Senior Brother's questioning tone was heavy.
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