Chapter 265 – The Golden Cicada Sheds Its Skin(1)

    Chapter 265 - The Golden Cicada Sheds Its Skin[1] (1)

    From the start, the man clad in red was too lazy to pay attention to them. His eyes stared at the guqin, "Loathsome girl, this guqin is meant to be played and not to be swung as a weapon! It cannot stop any kind of psychokinesis attacks... Stop grabbing on the strings. Relax your fingers or it will break..."

    Ning Xuemo's little mouth slanted down. "It? You mean the Blackwave Zither? That ancient divine tool?! But I thought that by swinging, its unique killing skill would maybe automatically trigger to block..."

    "Bull**!" The red clothed man's anger exploded in foul language. "A special finger technique is required to be able to turned this guqin into a murder weapon. Its effects can cause all lives within a range of 5km to be extinguished! How could it be compared to such trash like you?!"

    'Blackwave Zither!'

    When the name entered the other three's ears, the eyes of Zhong Rushuang and company brightened!

    They could also be considered as experienced and knowledgeable, so of course, they knew about that legendary divine tool. Their master, Ye Qingluan, was also searching for the Blackwave Zither.

    However, it was extremely surprising for that divine tool to appear out here! This is truly getting profit without lifting a finger!

    Their eyes were glued to the guqin. Everyone was itching to fight for it!

    Ning Xuemo's eyes shifted. "So it actually needs a special finger technique... Looking at your expression, it doesn't seem that you know how to play it, right? Of course, it would be impossible for you to teach me how. Then, this guqin is of no use to me..."

    Suddenly, Ning Xuemo appeared as if she sensed something. She looked to the left side of the red clothed man, revealing a surprised expression. She loudly shouted, "Hey? The Ancestor?!"

    When the shout was heard, Zhong Rushuang and her seniors became frightened. They looked toward the same direction as Ning Xuemo...

    Although Red-Clothed wasn't scared by the name "The Ancestor," he subconsciously turned around to look since he was curious about that name he just heard earlier and knew that person was extremely powerful.

    In that split instant when everyone had their head turned, Ning Xuemo laughed out loud as she raised her hand and threw away the zither!

    Red-Clothed's hearing was very sensitive. He immediately heard the buzzing cry of the guqin as soon as it was thrown. He abruptly turned his head just in time to see his precious zither flying to his right and directly smashing toward Zhong Rushuang's head!

    Zhong Rushuang didn't have her guard up. Therefore, by the time she heard a horrible whistling sound, her vision was filled with a blue radiance. She wanted to dodge but there was not enough time. The only option was to use her sword to block.

    Her sword was about to split that lump of blue radiance when a pale golden sphere suddenly jumped in between her and the unknown flying object, directly knocking on her sword!

    The collision between the two forces set off a deafening explosive shockwave. Zhong Rushuang's sword disintegrated in a flash. Her body was directly sent flying after being hit by the pale golden sphere! If it wasn't because of the Eldest Senior Brother timely flew out to grab her, her head would have been smashed on a boulder and splattered like a watermelon!

    With his left palm, the man clad in red sent Zhong Rushuang flying while he simultaneously flung his right sleeve, just like Jiaolong[2] sucking water; the guqin flew back to him...

    It was obvious that he extremely treasured that zither. His rolled up sleeve still shook to halt the guqin's speed in order not to damage the strings. He didn't want to accidentally use too much power to grab it due to its fast speed. After he recovered the musical instrument, he pulled down his sleeve and held it in his embrace.

    The Third Senior Brother realized that the thing that flew at them was the guqin. At first, he wanted to forcibly grab it but seeing that the man in red was much quicker than him, he was too late in making his move. At that time, the guqin already returned to the man's arms.

    He couldn't help but stupidly stare where he stood. At that time, his Eldest Senior Brother was already standing firmly next to him while holding onto Zhong Rushuang.

    [1] "The Golden Cicada Sheds Its Skin" also means crafty escape plan.

    [2] Jiaolong is a type of dragon, a water dragon to be specific. For more info, click
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