Chapter 266 – The Golden Cicada Shed Its Skin (2)

    Chapter 266 - The Golden Cicada Shed Its Skin (2)

    Zhong Rushuang's face looked deathly white, and the arm that was holding onto the sword felt as painful as if it was breaking; she couldn't even raise it.

    She was still suffering from the shock. Her qi and blood were rolling ferociously inside her head. Therefore, when she opened her mouth to speak, she spit out a mouthful of blood instead!

    Even though her Senior Brother was holding onto her, his arms had gone numb from the shock of the explosion, and he nearly let go of his junior sister's frail body.

    It took him three or four steps backing up, before he could stabilize himself. Once he saw Zhong Rushuang vomit blood, he asked with an alarmed tone, "Junior Sister Shuang, are you okay?"

    "I'm... I'm fine. Where's that stinky girl?" Zhong Rushuang was gritting her teeth in rage.

    Only then did the other two people think of Ning Xuemo, who had started this entire series of misfortune. However, when they looked around, they couldn't spot her anywhere.

    There was no question about it. Ning Xuemo had taken advantage of that moment of chaos to escape!

    "She's really a sly person!" The red-clothed man also naturally discovered that Ning Xuemo had escaped. Shaking his head, it was hard to tell from his tone of voice whether he was praising her or just helpless in the face of her swift escape.

    His guqin was returned back to him in good condition, so his mood wasn't very sour, and the corner of his mouth even had a slight smile.

    Even though he looked down on humans, in regards to the fox-like and calculating Ning Xuemo, he felt a little appreciation.

    'Smart girl!'

    She even managed to drag him, a motionless and quiet bystander, into this argument and then escaped...

    He lowered his eyes to look at the guqin in his embrace and pulled a snow white silk handkerchief out of nowhere. Then, he started to wipe the guqin's strings and body.

    He wiped it carefully and delicately with a look of concentration, as if he was wiping an easily breakable porcelain.

    "Darn it! Just like that, we let that wretched girl run away!" Zhong Rushuang stamped her feet.

    "We'll find her..." However, the Eldest Senior Brother didn't take it to heart.

    Just then, when Ning Xuemo had made her move, he knew that her skill was not high and her psychokinesis was only at level 2 or 3. Therefore, in his eyes she couldn't even be considered a beginner cultivator.

    That type of girl, when they search for her later it'll be incredibly easy and effortless to destroy her.

    So if she ran off, it didn't matter and they could forget about it. They could talk about it later.

    Currently, the more important issue was the Blackwave Zither! Right now, this was their priority!

    His gaze rested on the red-clothed man. From their previous interaction, he had already figured out that the man in front of them was not simple! He was not someone who could easily be defeated.

    However, if the three of them joined hands, then adding on some special instruments, they could get a somewhat higher chance of victory.

    "Your Excellency, may we know who you are?" The Eldest Senior Brother spoke, as he secretly signaled to his junior brother and sister.

    The two juniors understood and quietly and calmly moved a few steps, seizing the advantageous positions.

    The man's appearance was refined; clearly his clothes were fiery red, but on him it looked calm like water.

    Under the starlit sky, he looked demonically charming, enough to move people.

    He was still wiping the guqin, as if he didn't notice that these three were already surrounding him.

    After hearing the Eldest Senior Brother's question, he answered not bothering to raise his head, "I don't want to tell you guys..."

    "Why? Why don't you dare reveal your identity?" Zhong Rushuang added on.

    "Because there's no use." The red-clothed man still methodically wiped his guqin.

    This answer was quite rare and also immensely infuriating.

    The Third Senior Brother coldly laughed. "Why do you have to say that? Men don't conceal their identities from others. Why be so secretive? Could it be that your name is so shameful that you can't tell anyone?"
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