Chapter 267 – The Golden Cicada Shed Its Skin (3)

    Chapter 267 - The Golden Cicada Shed Its Skin (3)

    The red-clothed man finally lifted his head and lightly laughed. Under the starlight, his face was gentle like a wave. "The reason is very simple. You guys are going to die, and dead people don't need to know my name."

    The three "..."

    They all exchanged glances; their expressions becoming more guarded. The Eldest Senior Brother coldly said, "Your Excellency's words are too boasting! You think that with only your skill, you can kill us? Not to mention we had no enmity toward you or displayed any hatred. Your Excellency's ruthless words are unjustified."

    The red-clothed man swept a look at them. "Aren't you surrounding me while spouting nonsense just so you can steal this guqin?"

    He laughed again. "Every person who wants my guqin will only have one result - death! Do you understand my explanation?"

    Standing there with the wind rustling his robe, his sleeves billowing as if they were flying, he looked as if he wasn't discussing their death, but leisurely conversing about the weather.

    This type of bearing, this type of presence, only a person with extreme self-confidence can be like this.

    Even though Zhong Rushuang and the other two looked young, their real ages made them old foxes of the Jianghu.

    At this moment, seeing the man's confident attitude, their hearts beat violently. It was as if they had seen the God of Death stretching out his knife...

    Suddenly, they felt regret. It was true that the divine instrument was extremely important, but their lives were more important!

    The Eldest Senior Brother was more adept at behaving appropriately in different circumstances, so he quickly said, "Your Excellency is mistaken, we weren't thinking about the guqin..."

    "Oh, then why are you surrounding me?" The red-clothed man appeared to be easy to reason with.

    "It... It's like this. My junior sister and brother were passing through here when they heard an unusual sound. They were scared that there would be evil spirits that would harm innocents and righteous people, so they came to take a look and coincidentally found that demoness scuttling through this hole... And after we saw you follow behind her, we thought you two were together, so we just wanted to verify it with you... This guqin was originally yours? That's very good! I presumed that your Excellency is a talented musician. Coincidentally, our Bright Reverence School's Master Ye is also a really good musician. Later, if there is an opportunity, there's no harm coming to our school as guest..."

    Him saying all this was clearly to show that he didn't want to fight and wanted to get away.

    Of course, at the critical moment, he also revealed his master's identity, just to let that man feel apprehensive.

    After all, there was no one on this continent who didn't know about Ye Qingluan.

    Every time they met a expert they couldn't win against, they would pull out this trump card and the opponent would nearly always give up and sometimes even apologize.

    Even if they themselves had no true power or backing, they still had a master no one could offend! Showing this off at appropriate times was very useful!

    On this continent, there were not many, who dared to provoke Ye Qingluan and there were even less, who didn't know of her at all.

    But they didn't think that the red-clothed man in front of them was the exception of all exceptions. The man glanced at Eldest Senior Brother, then suddenly smiled, earnestly saying, "She's not a demon..."

    The Eldest Senior Brother stared blankly before coughing and subconsciously retorting, "How does Your Excellency know that she's not a demon? Maybe Your Excellency has also been deceived by her false appearance..."

    "She can't lie to me." The red-clothed man curled his lips, "Because - I am the demon!"

    The news was earth-shattering!

    The three retreated a few steps in panic.

    The man crooked a finger at them, his laugh sounding even more gentle. "Don't you want to protect your principles by getting rid of demons? You can all attack at once."

    The three people "..."
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