Chapter 268 – The Golden Cicada Shed Its Skin (4)

    Chapter 268 - The Golden Cicada Shed Its Skin (4)

    Rays of golden light rose from the ground and engulfed the entire rocky slope...


    The little qilin ran so quickly it was as if it was flying, treating the craggy mountain like a simple walk on flat terrain.

    It hadn't been over an hour and it had already scuttled down the Eighth Peak, the Seventh Peak, and was heading toward the Sixth Peak...

    "Master, you actually used this method to escape! Didn't you say that you have to bravely win over your enemies and fight with everything you have when running into danger?" The little qilin was a little puzzled by Ning Xuemo's action of running away instead of fighting.

    "Idiot, you should only bravely fight your enemy head on, if your abilities are equal or in the case when there is no way to escape, then fight while looking for an opportunity to reverse the situation. If there's a huge gap between you and your opponent's strength, but you still persisted and continued to fight, apart from putting your life in danger for no reason, there's no meaning to it!! You have to be able to be flexible and adapt to the circumstances, in order to live a long life." Ning Xuemo took this opportunity to lecture the little qilin.

    Even though the little qilin had lived for 2,000 years, never before had anyone taught him those survival skills. Now that it could hear words of wisdom, it had a sudden flash of insight.

    It really had not picked the wrong master; at critical times, she is still pretty dependable.

    Since the time they made that 10 year agreement, Ning Xuemo could talk to him through telepathy. This was the reason why they had been so well-coordinated during the previous fights.

    The little qilin's strength was much higher than Ning Xuemo's, but when they were together, it felt an unprecedented sense of security.

    It never wanted to be a lonely beast again! Having a companion felt so good!

    The little qilin ran past several mountains and although it felt a little tired, its heart was warm.

    "Master, just then when you threw the guqin, I was so scared. If that red-clothed evildoer couldn't catch it and it broke, then that guy would immediately attack you and kill you..."

    "When I was throwing it, I had already calculated the force and angle. That red-clothed evildoer treasures that guqin so much, there's no way he couldn't catch it." Ning Xuemo smiled slightly.

    She was extremely good at calculating people's will.

    She knew that once Zhong Rushuang and company learned that the guqin was the Blackwave Zither, they would be excited and think of ways to steal it, instead of chasing after her.

    And because of the oath, unless there was a special circumstance, that red-clothed evildoer wouldn't treat her ruthlessly either.

    Even though this move seemed risky, in reality, she was certain of its success.

    She had handled this disaster perfectly.

    She patted the little qilin's horn. "Okay, you can run at a slower pace. We don't need to be in such a hurry to return."

    Looking at how much time had passed, she had already been in Tianshu Mountain for four days. It's also the fifth day since the Ancestor came to the imperial palace. 'He should have already left by now, right?'

    Ji Yunhuang was probably released from the ice palace hall, and must have heard about the matter of his imperial father bestowing her a marriage, right?

    'What would he do when he knew?'

    To this genius crown prince, who had always helped her, Ning Xuemo always had a favorable impression of him.

    "Those three were really bad, even calling you a demoness as soon as they saw you. You're clearly a human without any resemblance to a demon. Their psychokinesis is pretty high, but their eyesight is way below average. They can't even tell the difference between a human and a demon."

    "It wasn't because they couldn't tell the difference but because they wanted to find a justifiable reason to kill me. They had actually taken a fancy to you." Ning Xuemo patted its horn again.

    'A qilin beast, this is a rarely seen legendary creature!' The greediness of those three didn't come as a surprise to her.

    "They're so evil; I wouldn't go with them!" the little qilin snorted disdainfully but was still a little worried. "But since they're so greedy, they might not simply let this matter go. Maybe in the future they'll try to find us."
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