Chapter 269 – Borrowing a Knife to Kill Others (1)

    Chapter 269 - Borrowing a Knife to Kill Others (1)

    Ning Xuemo's eyes curved. "Relax, they wouldn't bother finding us."


    "That red-clothed evildoer will easily finish them off; they won't have a chance to walk out of Tianshu Mountain alive."

    "That red-clothed evildoer really does have the strength; however, Master, how do you know that he'll kill them? What if he only beat them? If they only suffer a loss under that red-clothed man, then they might come and find us."

    Ning Xuemo laughed, "You think that red-clothed evildoer is as kind as Bodhisattva? That guy is incredibly cruel and vicious. Once those people have thoughts about stealing his guqin, then it's their time to die! Moreover, we just offended him, and he probably isn't feeling happy. Those people delivered themselves just in time..."

    The little qilin nodded. 'Master's method of borrowing a knife to kill others is pretty good!'

    But there was a point it didn't understand, so it decided to ask her directly, "Master, we really didn't need to run then. That red-clothed evildoer treasures his guqin so much. All you had to do was threaten him with the guqin, and he would definitely be willing to help you attack and beat those guys... Isn't that more safe?"

    Ning Xuemo patted the little qilin's head. "It's not that easy, Little Apple. You even managed to think of that type of plan. As expected, you are really smart."

    The little qilin was praised and immediately became proud of itself; its smiling eyes were like moon crescents.

    Master was so smart, but still praised it as being smart-

    But if he could even think of such an idea, then there would be no reason why Master didn't think of it, right?

    'In the end, why didn't she do so?'

    It didn't want its Master to deviate from the topic, so it asked again, proving that it wasn't that easy to deceive.

    Ning Xuemo rubbed her eyebrows. The reason why she didn't threaten the man like the qilin mentioned was because that red-clothed evildoer was not someone who could easily be threatened. Even if she managed to successfully threaten him with the guqin, forcing him to act against his will would incur his wrath, and he will most likely let them go and consider his job done. Once the deed was done, the matter was closed. However, in the future this would cause danger to be constantly looming over her.

    From another point of view, if that red-clothed evildoer would, under her coercion, quickly finish off those three, the trouble would still not end.

    Number Two had said that Ye Qingluan can use her Soul Summoning Art to call her dead disciples' souls and inquire about the cause of their deaths.

    If she were to coerce that red-clothed evildoer into killing those people, it would quickly be discovered by Ye Qingluan, and with her revengeful personality, she would be considered the number one priority to be chased and killed. It could be said that this would cause endless trouble for them!

    Now that she used this method to escape, those three people won't care about her and would be killed by the red-clothed evildoer, simply because they wanted the guqin. If Ye Qingluan were to seek revenge, she would first have to find that red-clothed evildoer...

    This method was a little shady and not too honorable. Ning Xuemo felt that the little qilin was still a pure and simple little qilin, and it was better if it didn't understand this type of method that lacks morality.

    So she rubbed the little qilin's head, "I didn't think of it then, so I used a more inconvenient method. Nevertheless, it's still my little qilin that's smart. Keep going. Try hard!"

    The little qilin was rarely ever praised, so it became lively and excited again.

    "Master, do you think that abnormal red-clothed man will chase after us?" The little qilin was a little scared of him.

    "Relax, he won't. He vowed to not hurt us and won't go back on his word."

    The little qilin felt a little bit relieved, but suddenly realized. "Right, Master, in this world, when people make oaths, it's usually in front of a god, oaths are very restrictive towards people and immortals. However, to demons they have no effect; when demons make oaths it has to be in front of a devil ancestor. That abnormal red-clothed evildoer doesn't seem to be a cultivator threading on the immortal path. When he made the oath, was it to the gods or was it to the devil ancestor?"
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