Chapter 270 – Borrowing a Knife to Kill Others (2)

    Chapter 270 - Borrowing a Knife to Kill Others (2)

    Ning Xuemo's complexion turned pale! When that guy made his vow, his first words were "I swear in front of the gods..."

    If he was cultivating the demonic path, then maybe this oath would have no effect on him!

    "Little thing, why didn't you say that earlier?!" Ning Xuemo started to get a headache.

    "I... I've been shut away for too long, I momentarily forgot about it."

    Maybe after a thousand years, the rules for oaths had already been changed and regardless of being a god, immortal, or demon, all would be subjected to the binding of the oath... 'Yeah, it must be like this, or else that red-clothed evildoer would've find us long ago and not let us walk off so easily.'

    She felt chills on her back and made the little qilin run faster. She decided to return to the Marquis Jingyuan's residence. After wandering around for so many days and nearly losing her life, she started to miss the mansion's big bed and gourmet cuisine...


    The pale golden light rolled across like a tide, leaving behind a trail of destruction.

    Zhong Rushuang and the other two used all their might to evade it, but no matter what they did, it was ineffective. One after another, they were soon submerged in the golden light.

    At that critical moment, Eldest Senior Brother opened the sect's most valuable treasure: the Great Wisdom Barrier.

    Legend said that it was an invention of the Ancestor, a magic treasure meant to protect his disciples from harm.

    That year under the Ancestor's own guidance, Ye Qingluan manufactured one, and it could be considered as a product of both the teacher and the student. To Ye Qingluan, it had a very important sentimental value, so she was always protecting it, never even giving the disciples a chance to touch it.

    The magic treasure the Eldest Senior Brother had opened was actually what Ye Qingluan had guided him to create. Even though it wasn't as good as the one Ye Qingluan had, it still contained half the power of the original barrier and the efficiency shouldn't be underestimated.

    Once this barrier was deployed, it could protect them from the outside world's harms.

    The Eldest Senior Brother had encountered many dangerous things in his life, and in the most critical times this Great Wisdom Barrier had saved him numerous times.

    Since using this barrier would waste a lot of psychokinesis, he didn't dare rashly use it, but right now he had no other choice.

    This Great Wisdom Barrier's looked like a transparent sphere, and the three of them were protected inside of it. As the earth-shattering pale golden light engulfed the barrier, sounds of rustling could be heard all around them as if there were countless silkworms gnawing on mulberry trees' leaves. In front of their eyes, countless boulders were crushed to dust and dispersed into the air.

    The power behind this attack was really too powerful!

    It was so powerful that they could hardly imagine something like this could exist!

    The three people shrank in their barrier and trembled, finally understanding that they had indeed provoked someone that they shouldn't have. From the beginning, this person wasn't someone they could fight!

    "Oh, your turtle shell isn't too shabby." That red-clothed man curiously stretched a hand to lightly pat the barrier.

    His hand was slender and perfect, as if it was carved from ivory. As he patted the barrier, his hands roamed wantonly.

    However, each of his light pats made the Great Wisdom Barrier seemed as if it was experiencing an 8.0 magnitude earthquake. Under the pale golden light, it bounced a few times, giving off an ear-piercing sound as it slowly thinned, like a soap bubble that could pop at any moment...

    Zhong Rushuang and the others' expression looked miserable. As the shadow of death loomed around them, Zhong Rushuang finally collapsed as she loudly shouted. She yelled out lines that were proven very effective and life-saving before, "You... You can't kill us! If you kill us then you won't have a good end either! Our master knows the Soul Summoning Art, if you kill our bodies, my master will come to ask our souls... Once she knows that the killer is you, you'll meet a tragic end once my master takes revenge for us, she would make it so you would wish you were death instead..."
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