Chapter 271 – Borrowing a Knife to Kill Others (3)

    Chapter 271 - Borrowing a Knife to Kill Others (3)

    These disciples of the Bright Reverence School had used similar words to scare off many people before, but in front of the red-clothed man, the words clearly did not have the same effect.

    Ridicule flashed in the depths of his eyes. He reached out with his hand to pat at the nearly broken barrier. "Hearing what you said, I'm starting to look forward to your master coming over to take revenge... At first I was planning on scattering your souls so you lot won't be as annoying as you are now. But now, it seems like I'll have to leave one of your souls intact, or else how would your master know to look for me? Uh, which one should I keep intact?"

    His expression was as if he was picking out a chicken for dinner. Zhong Rushuang and the other's expressions could no longer be described as merely pale, their faces were completely bloodless!

    There was actually someone in this world who was unafraid of their master. The "My dad is Li Gang"[1] crappy threat had hit a wall; This person was simply unafraid!

    The red-clothed man gave these three a similar choice to what he gave Ning Xuemo and the little qilin. Of the three, only one would have their soul intact, but the decision as to who would keep theirs has yet to be determined...

    In other words, he was encouraging them to start an internal fight and whoever survived would be the lucky one...

    The choice that he gave them caused these people, who had undergone life and death together, and had always been of one mind, to instantly view each other as their biggest enemy. They started to unleash their ultimate moves against each other...

    The Third Senior Brother was the first to be killed by the Eldest Senior Brother. His body was kicked out of the barrier.

    The Grest Wisdom barrier was truly an unusual treasure. To leave it was easy, but to enter was difficult. The Third Senior Brother's corpse had just been kicked out when it immediately evaporated in the faint golden light. Not even a single bone was left behind.

    "Eldest Senior Brother..." Zhong Rushuang's expression was full of grief, her eyes full of tears that threatened to spill out. "I know you've always liked me. Of all our fellow disciples, you're the one who dotes on me the most. You once played the flute below my window for a whole night. You said you would leap into danger for me without a word..."

    Eldest Senior Brother seemed to be moved by her words as his sword slowly lowered. "Yes, I've always liked you... But you've never treated me the same..."

    "Eldest Senior Brother, it's not that I wasn't willing to treat you the same way. It's just that my psychokinesis had only just broken into the earth realm, causing me to feel unworthy of you. Actually, I've always liked Eldest Senior Brother..." Zhong Rushuang's gaze was fixed on his lowered sword. Her voice was filled with more lament.

    "What is your proof?" Eldest Senior Brother did not seem to believe her.

    "Proof?" Zhong Rushuang gave a bitter smile. "Does liking someone need proof?"

    "Saying all this now of all times; Isn't it just you wanting me to give this chance of survival to you... Junior Sister Rushuang, do you really think I'm stupid?"

    "Eldest Senior Brother, you're wrong. To prove my feelings, I've decided to give you this chance to keep your soul intact... Eldest Senior Brother, you... take care." The tears in her eyes finally rolled down her face.

    Crying beauties always make people feel pity, how much more effective would it be when this person was the person he liked?

    Eldest Senior Brother couldn't help but step forward. "Rushuang..."

    Zhong Rushuang's tear-filled gaze landed on him. "Eldest Senior Brother, I just wanted you to know my feelings. I'm afraid that I would no longer have a chance to confess if I kept putting it off..."

    "I- I understand. Rushuang, I- I'm sorry..."

    "No need to apologise, Eldest Senior Brother. Your psychokinesis has already broken through the sixth level of the earth realm. You living would be for the best. Rushuang only has one request."

    "What is it? Tell me."

    [1] That line came from a story in the news (asian news) in 2010. It's about a deadly car accident. Two schoolgirls got hit by a car. One died while the other was in critical condition at that time. When the media got wind of it and showed the culprit on TV, the guy was saying "If you have the skill, come and get me. My dad is Li Gang."
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