Chapter 272 – Borrowing a Knife to Kill Others (4)

    Chapter 272 - Borrowing a Knife to Kill Others (4)

    "Eldest Senior Brother, can you hold me? This way, at least I can die with a smile on my face..."

    "...Okay!" the Eldest Senior Brother opened both of his arms, waiting for a last hug.

    Zhong Rushuang threw herself into his embrace with a cry, "Eldest Senior Brother!"

    The two new lovers tightly embraced each other in this moment of life and death.

    Then, suddenly, both of their bodies shook!

    A sword blade shot out from each of their respective backs. Each sword impaled them from where their hearts were!

    As it turns out, they were both taking advantage of this time to plot against each other, all in order to mortally wound the other party.

    The moment the other's body was unguarded due to the sword attack, they thrust their palms at the same time and did their best to take the other's life.

    The Eldest Senior Brother's skills were clearly higher than Zhong Rushuang's, with just one palm strike he expelled her from the Great Wisdom Barrier. Zhong Rushuang didn't even have time to yell before her body turned to nothingness in the pale golden light.

    Zhong Rushuang's double-edged sword was deeply inserted into the Eldest Senior Brother's chest, but because he had dodged the blade at the most critical time, Zhong Rushuang's attack hadn't directly pierced his heart. If left alone, he wouldn't die for a period of time.

    He staggered backward and abruptly sat down, "Slut! Tricking me..."

    The red-clothed man stood not too far away, watching the scene of mutual killing slowly winding down, loathing flashing in the bottom of his eyes.

    In moments of life and death, love and friendship frequently fail when they are put to the test! They collapse immediately!

    "They... Their souls have already scattered, right?" Eldest Senior Brother was gasping for breath like a cow. Now, only he survived. If Master knew that he killed his Junior Brother and Sister, she would probably let him taste endless torments...

    However, luckily this red-clothed evildoer had said the other two's souls had flown away and scattered. That way his master would never know the truth and he could also tearfully lament to Master, maybe he can get something good out of it...

    'So those two's souls need to scatter!'

    The red-clothed man crossed his arms while looking at him, not answering his question. Suddenly, he let out a smile. "It turns out you are extremely vicious and merciless. No wonder you managed to live for so long..." Switching the topic, he opened his mouth again, "Actually, none of you three needed to die. My strength hasn't completely recovered, shooting out that beam of golden light has consumed all of my strength. In fact, you only needed to cooperate and support that turtle shell of yours for another fifteen minutes before I ran out of force and wouldn't be able to do anything else."

    While he spoke, the pale golden light that was surrounding the Great Wisdom Barrier finally disappeared, not even a trace could be seen.

    Eldest Senior Brother was agape. "..." His hand that was holding the sword started to shake! He wanted to stand up, but it was to no avail because of the seriousness of his injury. At this moment, he was forcing himself not to lose his consciousness. Apart from that, he couldn't do anything else. The Great Wisdom Barrier was originally supported by his psychokinesis, but now that he was too exhausted, the barrier could no longer be sustained and it ruptured with a 'pop!' sound.

    The Eldest Senior Brother was like a dead dog, sprawled on the floor, continuously gasping for breath.

    The red-clothed man's expression became happier, "Are you really regretful now? Wishing to chop me into ten thousand pieces?"

    The Eldest Senior Brother couldn't even answer.

    What use was there in being regretful now! Time couldn't be reversed and his mistakes couldn't be fixed! He started to gasp even more heavily as blood seeped from the corner of his mouth.

    The red-clothed man strolled forward, making some gestures towards the Eldest Senior Brother while lifting his hands.

    The Eldest Senior Brother's body shook, his hand involuntarily lifted upwards, the sword in his hand slowly pressed on his neck...

    He wanted to struggle but had no more strength. He watched as the cold and clear light of the sword point come closer and closer to his neck. All the hairs on his body were erect as he shouted with all his might, "You... You said you would let me go..."
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