Chapter 273 – The Eye-catching Pet (1)

    Chapter 273 - The Eye-catching Pet (1)

    "Ah! That's right! I did say that I would keep your soul so that you can inform your master and have her find me for revenge." The red-clothed man nodded while sounding as elegant as before.

    He tilted his head curiously to look at the Eldest Senior Brother. "Are you going to tell your master?"

    In the end, did or didn't that red-clothed demon want him to inform his master?

    As the man said, he was already an arrow at the end of its flight. If he were to mention that matter to his master, that man shouldn't match his master's strength...

    The Eldest Senior Brother was at loss. Gripped with hesitation, he was unable to give a reply on the spot.

    "You still can't give an appropriate reply?" The red-clothed man was a little bit unhappy.

    "You... If you let me go, if you spare my life, I swear that today's matter will never reach my master's ears!" The Eldest Senior Brother took the opportunity to beg for his life.

    "Then wouldn't your juniors' death be in vain? If your master asked you about their deaths, how would you answer?" The red clothed man eyes shone intensely.

    "I... I will just say that they died in... They died under the claws of the magic beasts on the Ninth Peak..."

    "That lie is no good. The magic beasts on the Ninth Peak are indeed difficult to deal with, but they could only kill your juniors. It's not possible for those beasts to scatter their souls. You should come up with a better lie." The man was dissatisfied with the reasoning of the Eldest Senior Brother.

    The Eldest Senior Brother had no other alternative but to reason to the utmost of his ability for a better solution, as his life was on the line. Finally, he was enlightened under the pressure of the emergency and thought about something more logical, "I... I will just say that they were killed by the Storm Sect Master!" That Storm Sect Master had always been disagreeable with people from Bright Reverence School. What's more, he had the ability to scatter souls.

    The red-clothed man laughed out loud. "Very good! You can say that." He then fiercely pressed down his hand.

    The sword in the Eldest Senior Brother immediately cut into his neck artery. His eyes widened at the suddenness of his blood spurting out like crazy and his body slowly collapsed to the ground.

    The red clothed man lifted his hand and lightly exhaled.

    Perhaps, with today's incident, the whole continent would started to have foul wind and bloody rain. In the future, it seemed like the world wouldn't be as boring...

    The man lowered his eyes to look at the guqin in his arms. He suddenly sighed then once again wiped it.


    By her side, she had the little qilin, the Monarch of a Thousand Beasts. Thus, the whole journey out of the mountain went by without a hitch since all the magic beasts fled at the mere whiff of the little qilin.

    As a result, during the whole journey, she couldn't spot a single magic beast.

    She painstakingly hurried through the night and was finally able to reach the Third Peak at dawn.

    There were many magic beasts on the Third Peak that were obviously weak and puny, just like the gentle magic rabbit.

    It was the ideal place for each of the sects to send most of their disciples to train and gain experience, thus Ning Xuemo encountered many groups.

    At first, she didn't want to come in contact with those disciples, but the little qilin was extremely eye-catching. Regardless of who they were and where she went, it caused a commotion as they loudly shouted, "A qilin! Heaven, it's a qilin!"

    Afterward, she found herself aggroing a growing crowd of people chasing behind her.

    The little qilin's speed was much higher than the group of disciples, and he quickly put some distance between them.

    However, a qilin was an extremely rare divine beast from the start. Since they saw it, how could they easily give up on it?

    They used all kind of techniques and treasures to chase after Little Apple, persistent like sticky gum on the bottom of a shoe.

    Moreover, they even called for their nearby friends and notified their others friends who were somewhere else on the mountain to come and join the chase.

    Not to mention, with the sheer number of people training on the Third Peak, Ning Xuemo barely had the time to get rid of one group before she encountered another group of people...

    Not even an hour had passed, but she had already been chased by five different groups. It was like there was a trail of ants behind her...

    Very soon, there was people intercepting her at each intersection. Ning Xuemo knew she couldn't continue to run away. She must face them!

    She patted the little qilin's head, indicating that it should halt.

    The little qilin hadn't been chased by this many people for a thousand years, so he was somewhat panicking. "Master, what do they want? I already have a master, why are they still chasing after us?"
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