Chapter 274 – The Eye-catching Pet (2)

    Chapter 274 - The Eye-catching Pet (2)


    'Nothing more but curiosity combined with greed...'

    The corner of Ning Xuemo's mouth turned up slightly, "How did you react to situations where people are chasing after you before?"

    The little qilin paused for a moment, "I... I always summoned other magic beasts to ward them off..."

    Ning Xuemo's eyes brightened slightly, it turns out this little qilin had the ability to summon other animals!

    "Little Apple, listen to what I'm about to tell you..." Ning Xuemo rapidly told the little qilin about her escape plan. The little qilin immediately nodded.

    It also told Ning Xuemo its apprehensions, a qilin's ability to summon other beasts was directly proportional to their psychokinesis. It was still a cub, and its psychokinesis wasn't strong. Thus, it could only summon Rank 6 beasts and below; beasts above rank 6 would at most not listen to his summons, or run away at the sight of it instead.

    Ning Xuemo understood. If a few Rank 6 beasts and below came, it would be sufficient.

    They only stopped for a little, but a group of passerby had already caught up to them. All of them were rushing forward, and numbered no less than a hundred or so people!

    'Weird, why is there so many people today?'

    "No wonder there was a light radiating from the mountains, it turns out that a qilin has appeared!"

    "Yes, yes, we didn't make this trip in vain..."

    "Come to think about it, our country hasn't had a qilin appear for a long time, where did this one come from..."

    "Hey, this qilin's carrying a girl on its back!"

    "Who is this little girl? Is she an immortal or a demon?"

    "This qilin unexpectedly already has a master?"


    Ning Xuemo and the little qilin, "..."

    In the blink of an eye, the people had surrounded Ning Xuemo and were chatting unrestrainedly...

    Ning Xuemo swept a gaze across the people's clothing and saw all sorts of different styles, which clearly indicated that they were all from different sects. There were males and females, all of different physiques and statures.

    Before, Ning Xuemo had spent several days in her residence researching about what was passed down about the continent's biggest sects. Looking at the clothes of these people, they weren't too unfamiliar to her even though this was the first time she saw them.

    Storm Sect, Everlasting School, Seven Stars Sect, Void Horizon Cult...

    The people came from eight or nine different sects. But there weren't any disciples from the Sun Moon Sect.

    These people's eyes were all unsurprisingly on the little qilin, the light in their eyes couldn't be concealed even if they wanted to.

    There was nobody who didn't want to capture such an eye-catching and precious beast. When brought out, it would dazzle the eyes and look nice, and it could even help fight demons and help upgrading their levels of cultivation.

    However, the spirit beasts in this world weren't that easy to subdue.

    In order to subdue a spirit beast, there were two conditions that had to be fulfilled. One was to open the Spirit Wisdom, allowing it and the Master to easily communicate. The other condition was that people who wanted to subdue a spirit beast had to learn a technique called Beast Summoning Art. Only those who were psychokinesis rank 6 and above would be able to learn it. Not every beast that was linked to a Spirit Wisdom could be domesticated since most spirit beasts were very arrogant, they naturally didn't like to be ordered around by humans and would rather be hit to death than admit someone as their Master...

    So in order to subdue these beasts, only relying on one's martial strength wasn't enough. Convincing the beasts until they concede is also important. Only then can people use them.

    Because the conditions to subdue a spirit beast were so harsh, tamed beasts were very few in number despite the fact that there were a lot of magic beasts and spirit beasts on the continent.

    As for qilins, originally they were extremely rare, and since it's already been hundreds of years since the last one appeared, there were even less people who had subdued one before.

    Rumors had it that the continent's current number one expert, the Ancestor, possessed several spirit beasts by his side, but no qilin...
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