Chapter 275 – The Eye-catching Pet (3)

    Chapter 275 - The Eye-catching Pet (3)

    It was extremely difficult to encounter even one qilin nowadays. Yet, they saw one being saddled by a little girl barely 12 or 13 years old?! What more, from its appearance, it was a young qilin that was pretty obedient...

    'What is that little girl's origin?!'

    'How did she tame it in the end?!'

    In countless people's mind, the same questions incessantly rolled around as they looked at Ning Xuemo with eyes dyed with envy, jealousy and puzzlement.

    Ning Xuemo was relaxingly sitting on the qilin's back without even feeling a bit of unease as the centre of everyone's attention. She was quite calm and collected.

    At this moment, she already guessed most of those people's identity which made her heart shocked.

    She believed that the sect disciples present on the Third Peak right now were without high status and most of them were probably all new disciples. However, after she swept a glance at the crowd's clothes, she continued to remain calm and collected despite realizing that amongst the crowd, there were high and lofty characters like the hallmaster and the vice hallmaster of sect present!

    They had high positions in their sect, so their strength was at least not any lower than psychokinesis cultivation of mortal realm rank 7. According to her current strength, if she were to confront even one of them head on, it would be deemed an impossible task. Not to mention that right now, there were around 17-18 of them! Moreover, that count didn't include the rest of the goons surrounding her. If she didn't use any special techniques so to speak, it would certainly be impossible for her to escape!

    Treasures moves people's hearts. Once there was a treasure involved, even if they were disciples from the same sect, it couldn't be said for sure that they won't cruelly plot against each other to the bitter end.

    Not to mention that she had absolutely no friendly relations with the people chasing her. From the start, none of them were familiar with her! In the case they wanted to get rid of her, they would have no qualm in doing so...

    The reason why they delayed in making a move was only because they didn't have a clear understanding of her origins, adding to the fact that everyone was glaring at each other like a tiger eyeing its prey. Besides, who would want to be the first one to take the initiative to probe her limits?

    Currently, the situation was seemed stable, but in fact, it was extremely dangerous. If Ning Xuemo make a false move, perhap the situation would immediately devolved into her being besieged by all sides!

    Although the little qilin could summon up to rank 6 magic beasts, this is the Third Peak. The highest ranked beast was only rank 4. All the higher ranked magic beasts were on other mountain peak. As they said, near thirst can't be quenched by faraway water. If she want to safely escape, unfortunately, she would need to expend more efforts...

    "Little lady, from which sect are you?" Finally, someone took the initiative to ask her.

    Ning Xuemo was still dressed in the white clothes given to her by Jiu Zun. Although the material was of high quality, the design didn't look similar to any of the known sects uniforms which made everyone unable to guess her identity.

    With her calm and unperturbed expression and her very relaxed posture, even under the vicious eyes of an old-timer fox in the Jianghu, they were unable to detect anything wrong from her expression.

    Only genuinely powerful individuals would possess such loftiness like her. That little girl's face was unfamiliar to them. Perhaps, she could be a rarely seen genius? Otherwise, how could she tame a qilin?

    Ning Xuemo coldly watched him. She flipped her long hair before she arrogantly spoke, "Why are you blocking my way?"

    At this moment, the little qilin suddenly felt that his little master's temperament had completely changed, turning grim and mysterious. While her body seemed to be surrounded by some kind of powerful aura, it was similar to that of a ruler! It caused people to feel fearful for no reason!

    Originally, those people had some misgivings about her, but at this instant, seeing her appearance, they didn't dare to act rashly!

    The one who spoke first was the Vice Hallmaster of Seven Stars Sect. He was intimidated by Ning Xuemo's aura, thus his tone became respectful. "Yesterday, at around midnight on this mountain, there was a sudden halo of light shooting out into the sky, illuminating everything. My sect sent out a special order to investigate the matter on this mountain and thus met with your honored self here. May I presumptuously ask who are you? Was this qilin beast recently tamed?"

    Ning Xuemo once again glanced at him. Her voice turned colder, "You want to question me?"
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