Chapter 276 – The Eye-catching Pet (4)

    Chapter 276 - The Eye-catching Pet (4)

    A sharp light flashed inside her eyes. Her aura was akin to an ocean pressuring onto people. The Vice Hallmaster's heart trembled from her single glance. He couldn't stop himself from taking a step back. "I don't dare."

    "I don't think you have the guts!" Ning Xuemo indifferently said, "Benzun is busy. I won't accompany you any longer!" She then urged the little qilin to press forward.

    The little qilin understood her meaning and it pressed toward the Vice Hallmaster in big strides. It was obviously taking advantage of that moment of confusion.

    At this moment, the aura she emitted was extremely powerful, everyone was unable to measure the depth of her strength. Unexpectedly, they didn't dare to obstruct her way again. Therefore, wherever she went, one after another, they got out of her way.

    The Vice Hallmaster had been shaken by her, so when she charged straight at him he had no other choice but to dodge to the side and gave way to her.

    When Ning Xuemo passed by him, a faint and delicate fragrant from the young girl wafted out, intoxicating and mysterious.

    The Vice Hallmaster bowed his head. His whole being was silent, but his heart was unresigned. He thought about probing Ning Xuemo's power. Right after Ning Xuemo went passed him, suddenly he made his move. He raised his hand and a jet black beam shot directly to Ning Xuemo's back.

    Ning Xuemo seemed completely unaware of the attack, but in the instant the black light reached her back, her figure flashed and vanished without a trace.

    The Vice Hallmaster became alarmed as he felt his head was overcome by dizziness. He stumbled and dropped to the ground with a plop!

    From the start, everyone was watching the situation very attentively, so they didn't miss a single detail of what just happened.

    Although they watched every single movement Ning Xuemo made, none of them could clearly see her figure as she vanished from their sight, despite the numerous people present!

    They merely saw the vague outline of a silhouette dodging the Vice Hallmaster's attack. Then, the body of the Vice Hallmaster falling to the ground. After everyone turned around, Ning Xuemo was already on the qilin's back and continuing forward without turning back her head once.

    Everyone, "..."

    'Such high speed! Even lightning couldn't be compared!'

    'Just based on her speed, that girl was without a doubt an expert!'

    That Vice Hallmaster was a famous character on the continent. Surprisingly, he kissed the ground under her hand and she merely passed by him. Until everything had ended, no one was able to see how she was able to do it! How could this be explained?

    'An expert! This is an absolute expert!'

    Since when did this kind of expert appeared on the continent? They had no idea.

    Although Ning Xuemo didn't turned back her head, she still knew everyone present was shocked. 'Let them not dare to try anything.'

    The corner of her mouth lightly hooked up as she let the little qilin continued walking steadily, neither fast nor slow, at a free and leisure pace.

    "Vice Hallmaster, Vice Hallmaster... " The Vice Hallmaster's disciples were in panicked seeing his condition.

    The Vice Hallmaster's eyes were tightly shut, and his face was faintly yellow while his entire body was twitching all over, as if he was extremely in pain.

    One of the disciple pressed on his philtrum, in other words, his renzhong point. Then, he tried all kind of emergency treatments and all kind of techniques to help his vice hallmaster, but it was all useless.

    Everyone crowded around, but they couldn't diagnose the cause of the vice hallmaster's condition. The disciples already tried using silver needles, but it didn't seemed like the vice hallmaster was poisoned. His collapse might be attributed to an unique skill...

    Very soon, the vice hallmaster's twitching turned into convulsions. Amongst the disciples, there was a bright one that suddenly kneeled down with a plop towards Ning Xuemo's back, "Earlier, our Vice Hallmaster only wanted to probe out your honored lady's skills. He didn't had any malicious intentions. I hope your honored lady can magnanimously forgive our Vice Hallmaster's mistake. Please save him..." He repeatedly kowtowed.

    Little Apple who was slowly walking stopped for a little. Ning Xuemo's light and cold voice resounded, "If he had ill-intent, can he still breath? Forget it! Considering that you are a famous and upright sect, benzun will spare him this time. Don't ever do it again!"

    She flickered her finger and a white pill flew directly into the disciple's hand. "Give it to him!"
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