Chapter 277 – Hundred Beast Guards

    Chapter 277 - Hundred Beast Guards

    The disciple was in exultation and didn't dare to delay the treatment. He hastily gave the medicine to his Vice Hallmaster.

    Everyone raised their heads to look at Ning Xuemo's back as she slowly trotted away. Although their hearts were unresigned, at the same time, they didn't dare to make a move on her. Then again, they were unwilling to let her off that easily...

    Ning Xuemo lightly patted the little qilin's horn. The little qilin understood her meaning. It raised its head and made a deep and long whistle as clear as it was melodious. The whistling resonated far and wide.

    In a short period of time, roars from all kind of beasts could be heard from the surrounding jungle. At the same time, the trees were crackling and rattling from all sides before countless beasts rushed out...

    Although those beasts were common and didn't have a high rank, the sheer number of them, coupled with the presence of all kind of species, especially those ferocious man-eating beasts, was enough to greatly shock everyone present.

    Despite having experts amongst them, most of the crowd was composed of novice cultivators. It was without a doubt that they would meet with mishaps when encountering a wave of beasts like this.

    Therefore, the expert cultivators from each sect were unable to deal with Ning Xuemo, who was leisurely leaving since they were busy gathering their new disciples in order to protect them from harm.

    It was a chaotic situation, everyone was preparing to face that wave of enemies!

    But what everyone didn't expect was that flock of beasts didn't have any intention of attacking them. The beasts merely crowded behind Ning Xuemo as if they were acting as her guards.

    This scene was greatly shocking! The group of humans held their breath as they watched the scene in front of them.

    Ning Xuemo's petite silhouette was like a queen being escorted by a crowd of beasts, going further and further away from everyone's sight.

    "Who in the world is she?"

    "I have no idea."

    "She was wearing white clothes... but she's only a child. Perhaps she is one of the Ancestor's servants?"

    "N-no way... I saw the Ancestor's servant uniform before. It's completely unlike hers."

    "Then, maybe she's from Bright Reverence School? They have a method for eternal youth. This girl might not be as young as she appears..."

    The crowd of people, "......"

    Everyone was waggling their tongues and did their best to guess Ning Xuemo's identity. However, they still failed to grasp main points of her identity and no one had the courage to chase after her...

    "Heh!" Suddenly, not far from them, a gentle laugh could be heard. "A group of trash!" The voice was graceful like the sound of a sublime guqin's melody.

    Everyone stopped. One after another, they raised their heads and looked toward the origin of the voice.

    Everyone blanked after seeing the source of the voice.

    On a big tree not far from them, stood a man with black hair and fluttering red clothes. Under the starlight, his appearance stood out like an exquisite and elegant immortal spirit. His black hair and red clothes fluttered under the breeze. From his gentle appearance, there was a touch of allure in which a trace of a nefarious aura hid within. As if he was like a beautiful popular song, his influence slowly unfolded in the night.

    He was standing on a whimsy tree branch that was not even the size of a little finger. In the dimmed light of the night, it made him appeared as if he was riding on the wind.

    The people present had no inkling who that man was and when he had arrived.

    'Without a doubt, this man is an expert! And a top notch expert at that!'

    The people in the crowd didn't know if they were lucky or not. Within one day, on the Third Peak, they encountered two experts, one after another, which has never happened to them before!

    "Your Excellency, may I ask who you are? And what is the meaning of those jeering words from earlier?" There was no lack of arrogant experts among the crowd. Naturally, they would want to loudly asked as they couldn't stand getting humiliated like this. If it weren't for the red-clothed man's refined and elegant appearance, the arrogant and manly cultivator probably would have been cursing loudly by now.

    The red-clothed man lightly laughed. His refined smile slowly bloomed. "You were scared by that trash girl's bluff. Doesn't that make you trash?"

    Everyone, "..."

    "Nonsense! How could she be trash?! She can tame a qilin, had enough force to defeat a vice hallmaster and capable of summoning 100 beasts as her guards. Tell me, how can this be considered a trash? Your Excellency should be a bit reasonable."
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