Chapter 279 – The Price of… (2)

    Chapter 279 - The Price of... (2)

    She was dealing with what was clearly a group of humans, but compared to groups of ferocious beasts, they were much more dangerous.

    Fortunately, she successfully escaped in the end!

    As long as they could give her two more hours, she would be able to return to her Jingyuan Mansion, eat the delicious food made by her head chef, climb into her own big soft bed and finally, have her beauty sleep. She believed that this time, her servants certainly would have stayed faithfully...

    This time's adventure could also be considered as having a satisfactory closure.

    Her eyes curved slightly, revealing a smiling expression. But suddenly, her senses perceived a disturbance. Her expression changed in an instant. "Someone is chasing after us!"

    The little qilin gawked for a moment. "How do you know?" Even he didn't hear any sounds of frightened birds coming from the surrounding mountain forest.

    "Be careful. It's underground!" Ning Xuemo shouted.

    Her words barely left her mouth when the leaves on the ground shook. Abruptly, rows and rows of stone spears as sharp as knives drilled out of the ground. Simultaneously, a screeching sound was heard as a rain of faint green leaves shot straight at them like green arrows.

    In an instant, her route had been completely cut off  from both above and below!

    Right now, Ning Xuemo was weaponless. Fortunately, she had a branch in her hand which she held onto earlier to play with. Seeing the dramatic turn of the situation, she brandished the branch in the air...

    The little qilin gave a long hiss as it opened its mouth to spray a blue wave of water to sweep the ground before him. The stone spears fractured piece by piece wherever the blue wave touched until they turned to powder.

    The sharp leaves filling the sky were swept to the ground at each wave of Ning Xuemo's branch. However, the power contained in those leaves was far greater than she expected. It was obviously sent out by an expert. A wave of pain made Ning Xuemo's arm tremble. Her tree branch that was as thick as a thumb was now reduced to a small segment by the razor-sharp leaves. Even the back of her hand was cut by the leaves, and her blood began flowing freely out from her wounds...

    "Hahahaha! Indeed, you were really only bluffing! This old man was almost tricked by you!" A group of human emerged out from the soft soil and stood in front of Ning Xuemo.

    "That's right! We were all fooled. That little girl is nothing special." Another group of people dropped down from the surrounding big trees.

    "Her psychokinesis is at most rank 3! Although her footwork is a bit peculiar, other than that, there's nothing special about her." From behind a stone hill, another group of people appeared.


    All kinds of people appeared out of nowhere, emerging in one group after another.  Ning Xuemo was encircled like an iron bucket.

    In a flash, even if Ning Xuemo was given wings, she wouldn't be able to escape!

    "How could such a person be a the master of a qilin?"

    "Correct! It must have been her luck, to be able to lure that qilin..."

    "Little lady, just who do you think you are? It's a grave mistake to try and deceive this many of your seniors ..."

    "Be smart! Hand over your qilin. A divine beast should be owned by someone more worthy!"

    "Correct, correct... A qilin owned by such a low-level psychokinesis cultivator like you is a great waste!"

    Ning Xuemo, "..."

    Everyone was shouting loudly, but all they were thinking of was to make Ning Xuemo hand over the little qilin to them...

    Ning Xuemo inwardly took a deep breath. She was about to say something when she suddenly heard the sound of fluttering wings just above her head, followed by the echo of a cold and crisp voice, "How is her psychokinesis even low? Right from the start, she is just a psychokinesis trash! Ning Xuemo, so this is where you ran off to begin with!"

    Ning Xuemo raised her eyebrows as she lifted her head to look at the source of the voice.

    Above her, there was a red-crowned crane flying at low altitude without any intention of landing. A young woman jumped down from the crane, floating down to the ground.

    She had phoenix eyes, cherry red lips, and the cool and elegant dignity of a descendant from the imperial household.

    The person was none other than the princess of Vast Sky Empire, Ji Yunyao.

    Ji Yunyao was quite high-profile when handling her matters. She was a noble princess as well as Storm Sect's sect master's disciple. She was quite famous, and most of the people present could recognize her immediately. Those who identified her gave her the conventional greetings, while those from the Storm Sect stepped forward to greet her following etiquette.
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