Chapter 280 – The Price of… (3)

    Chapter 280 - The Price of... (3)

    Note : I made another correction to another term I mistranslate before. Emperor Le Xuan is going to be switch to Le Xuan Emperor since "Le Xuan" is considered the "regnal title" (click for more informations) which explained why the Emperor isn't called Emperor Ji something.

    Although normally the sects were not subjected to the imperial clan's control, all land under the Heaven still belongs to a ruler.

    It was also true that the sects in Vast Sky Empire don't wish to offend the imperial clan. As for those sects that belonged to foreign countries, they would naturally have to make careful considerations when acting within someone else's territory. Therefore, they showed a respectful attitude toward this empire's princess.

    Even if they didn't fawn over her, they still remained respectful from a distance to avoid provoking her as much as possible.

    Once she arrived, Ji Yunyao clamored loudly about Ning Xuemo's real identity. As a matter of fact, everyone began to inquire about it one after another.

    Ji Yunyao was quite willing to clear everyone's doubts. She spoke with scorn, "She is just that trash without even a speck of psychokinesis from the Jingyuan Mansion..."

    Because it was a extremely rare occurrence for a real psychokinesis cripple to appear on this continent, a psychokinesis trash like Ning Xuemo was infamous, with her disgraceful reputation spread far and wide. Almost everyone present had heard about her.

    What's more was that she recently got imprisoned in an iron cage; she had her marriage with the Sixth Prince annulled; Le Xuan Emperor proposed to her, and someone kidnapped her... Those matters were dispersed like wind and rain throughout the whole capital.

    Those people recently came to Vast Sky Empire and had obviously heard the common rumors about Ning Xuemo.

    Pleasant or shameful rumors, they heard them all. At that time, they treated those rumors as topics to spice up their meal-time conversations, but never did they expect that the person riding a young qilin today was that same rumored little girl they all laughed at - this continent's number one trash...

    "Originally, for the sake of the deceased Ning Marquis's face, my Imperial Father carefully watched over her. Seeing how pitiful she was, he didn't care about this scheming loathsome girl's reputation and wanted to receive her as his imperial concubine. Hmph! Who knew that she didn't even know the good from the bad and ran off to this place..." Ji Yunyao continued gossiping with bitter resentment flickering in the depth of her eyes.

    "Didn't she get abducted?" Someone raised the question.

    "Look at her appearance and how she's dressed. It's clear that she eloped with a man! The gown she's wearing is men's clothes!"

    "You're right! She must have eloped with a male adulterer. Heh! She also doesn't seem to wear any pants under her gown! How indecent! Truly lacking in morals!" Someone started to shout.

    Ning Xuemo was wearing a gown, and under it she still wore her panties. But when she saddled on the little qilin's back, the corner of her gown slightly parted, revealing her white and tender calf. The man who saw that immediately treated it as a sin and admonished her loudly.

    "You don't know what shame is!"

    "Shameless! If I was you, I would be terribly ashamed!"

    Ning Xuemo, "..."

    All kinds of comments poured out like a basin of sewage, splashing Ning Xuemo without any misgivings.

    Countless contemptuous looks were directed at Ning Xuemo as they nitpicked on her appearance.

    Most of the remarks came from the females.

    In fact, the momentum produced by Ning Xuemo as she rode the little qilin coupled with the ruthless appearance she exuded, she dominated the thoughts of many, becoming the focus of many young men's attention. Thus, she incurred countless girl's jealousy.

    At first, they didn't know about Ning Xuemo's identity. So, they had some apprehension and were reluctant about provoking her.

    Now that they knew who she was, they took the opportunity to speak harshly and wished that they could trample her several times.

    Ning Xuemo smiled.

    Had those obscenities been said to another girl, they would have greatly hurt her, and it would be impossible for her to accept such treatment.

    However, this was Ning Xuemo. This kind of trash talk was like a tickle to her thick skin.

    As long as she had a clear conscience, what other people thought was none of her concern.

    Her sight was fixed on Ji Yunyao's expression. Ji Yunyao stared at her with a condescending expression, as if she was looking at trash.

    'This princess's jealous heart is truly abnormal!'

    There was nothing between her and the crown prince, but she still attracted the princess's nasty revenge...

    Since Ji Yunyao wasn't giving her face, then why would she hold back?! 'You think I'm afraid of you?'
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