Chapter 281 – The Price of… (4)

    Chapter 281 - The Price of... (4)

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    "It turns out to be Princess Yunyao. Princess, why did you run off to Heavenly Book Mountains for? You're not busy trying different means to keep your crown prince brother beside you?" Ning Xuemo spoke in a clear and sharp voice. Her words were full of deep meaning, stimulating one's wild imagination.

    Ji Yunyao blanked. She always felt guilty acting like a villain, and to start with she was an impatient person.

    Ning Xuemo's light as a feather words jabbed at her sore spot. Her expression changed as she spoke with fury, "What nonsense are you saying?! I... I... What trying different means to keep my crown prince brother beside me?! We are blood related..."

    "Oh? Did I say you weren't blood related siblings? Princess Yunyao, what are you anxious about? Could it be that you have a guilty conscience?" Ning Xuemo blinked.

    "You-" Ji Yunyao's face turned crimson. "Absolutely disgraceful! Why would I have a guilty conscience? Big Brother Yunhuang and I are pure in mind and body. We are siblings and blood related. What's wrong with us being close?"

    "Indeed, there's nothing wrong with blood related siblings being close..." Ning Xuemo lengthened the last word before continuing. "It's just that seeing Princess' usual behavior, I was under the impression that you were merely siblings in name. It seemed like I misunderstood. However, some of your actions really do make people wonder..."

    Her use of words, each and every one was laced with underlying meaning.

    Everyone there, be it men, women, boys and girls, it doesn't matter the age, are quite prone to gossip. Ning Xuemo's words were simply like a dose of stimulant. In a flash, it sparked the rumors mills. Who knows how many sharp gazes landed on Ji Yunyao.

    'Blood-related siblings having a love affair? It couldn't be, right?!'

    Ji Yunyao tightly clenched her fists. She always thought that she concealed her feelings extremely well. Then how could this smelly girl see through it and reveal it in front of everyone?!

    Just a moment ago, she was splashing dirty water on Ning Xuemo and was incomparably happy. How did it get reversed where she's the one being splashed by dirty water? She felt everyone's subtle gaze, as her charming face turned incredibly red to the point that it almost turned purple. "Slut, stop spouting nonsense! What behavior would induce people to think otherwise?! Today, if you don't make it clear, I won't let this matter go!"

    Ning Xuemo's lips raised into a smile. "Yue Susu, do you still remember that name?"

    Ji Yunyao's face turned pale!

    She obviously remember Yue Susu. Yue Susu was once her close friend. That girl wanted to be friends with her for an impure reason. Yue Susu only wanted to be her friend just to get close to her crown prince brother.

    Everytime Yue Susu spoke with her crown prince brother, her eyes brightened while babbling nonstop, making her feel extremely uncomfortable until she couldn't take it anymore.

    Afterwards, that girl who knew no shame confessed to her brother. Unexpectedly, her crown prince brother didn't treat Yue Susu the same way like the other girls by directly rejecting her. He simply smiled before sending her away, while continuing to discuss something else with Yue Susu. It was also the first time he sent Yue Susu back home...

    This drove Ji Yunyao mad with jealousy, giving rise to a murderous intent toward her friend. Then, Ji Yunyao found a random reason to send her friend into the Ministry of Justice prison, delivering her to Tu Yidao...

    This matter was handled in complete secrecy. It could even be considered as being top-secret information. However, she didn't expect Ning Xuemo to suddenly mention Yue Susu at this moment!

    Afterall, Ji Yunyao had a guilty conscience regarding Yue Susu. Her expression turned pale and didn't have the time to say anything before a youngster beside her butted into the conversation. "Yue Susu? Are you talking about our Heavenly Star Sect's Soaring Celestial Dragon Maiden Yue Susu?"

    Ning Xuemo stared at the youngster. "I don't know her nickname, but I heard she was the disciple of Heavenly Star Sect' Second Protector's disciple."

    "AH! That's her! She is my Senior Sister. Do you know where she is now?"
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