Chapter 282 – I Want to Make You Regret Provoking Me! (1)

    Chapter 282 - I Want to Make You Regret Provoking Me! (1)

    "She's already been missing for so many days. You... you know where she is?" the youngster spoke with increasing urgency.

    Ning Xuemo glanced at Ji Yunyao, "I think Princess Yunyao knows of her whereabouts more than me. Don't you agree, Princess Yunyao?"

    Ji Yunyao's face turned white. She wanted to deny it, but didn't know what to say.

    The youngster seemed to feel that something wasn't right and quickly said, "It doesn't matter which one of you two knows, just tell me. My master has long ago sent out people to search for her."

    Ning Xuemo said indifferently, "This princess right here dragged her into the Ministry of Justice's prison, accusing her of the crime of stealing the princess' possessions..."

    The youngster's expression changed, "That's not possible! My senior sister is always straightforward and honest, she would never steal anyone's things! This is obviously to frame her!" He turned his penetrating eyes onto Ji Yunyao, "Princess Yunyao, is what she said true?"

    Ji Yunyao paused, "This..."

    On the side, Ning Xuemo said, "This type of thing can't be hidden. The Heavenly Star Sect only needs to send out people to the Ministry of Justice's prisons to investigate and they'll know the truth."

    Ji Yunyao also knew that she couldn't fool people any longer, and she couldn't help but determinedly say, "She... she entered the palace and stole my jade silk jacket, I really did let the Ministry of Justice investigate this..."

    "Absolutely impossible!" the youngster's handsome face turned red, "My senior sister has a jade shark silk cloth, which is in no way inferior to the jade silk jacket, right? How could she steal yours? This seems really fishy, I'm going to report back to the sect. There will be people that will go to the Ministry of Justice to  investigate this, clearing my senior sister's name... Miss Ning, is my senior sister still in the prison? She... she didn't suffer from any punishments, did she?"

    Ning Xuemo sighed lightly, "She's already left the prison. At that time, the princess sent her to Tu Yidao..."

    The youngster's face completely changed!

    He had heard the reputation of the Ministry of Justice's prison's Tu Yidao before! He was like the living King of Hell! If his own senior sister landed in that person's hands? Then-

    The youngster didn't dare think beyond that point and paused for a moment before clenching his teeth and saying, "How does Miss Ning know that my senior sister is with him? If she isn't in the prison, then where is she?"

    Ning Xuemo said quickly that she herself had also been wrongly accused and entered the Ministry of Justice's prison. There, she had coincidentally discovered Tu Yidao was going to execute Yue Susu, and she naturally also said Yue Susu's ending.

    The youngster's face was deathly pale, his teeth were grinding to the point where they made sound as he said with a heavy tone, "Princess, what words do you have to say?"

    This time, the Heavenly Star Sect sent quite a few disciples, right now they were all standing behind the youngster.

    Yue Susu had a good reputation in the sect, hearing that she had met with a horrible end, the disciples were naturally all indignant, their countless fiery eyes glaring at Ji Yunyao, waiting for her to tell her side of the story.

    Ji Yunyao wanted to cut Ning Xuemo into thousands of pieces, but now she could only evade, "You all need to stop listening to her speak nonsense, I only asked the Ministry of Justice to investigate this case, what happened after I don't know..."

    "Don't know?" Ning Xuemo laughed coldly, "But I personally heard Tu Yidao say that the person was someone the Princess had personally sent to him. He even said that regardless of the method, he had to make her confess. So, Tu Yidao unrestrainedly tortured her..."

    "Why?! Princess was my senior sister's good friend, why frame her? Why did you want to take her life?!" The youngster's eyes looked as if they were about to spout fire.

    "Because this Princess likes Ji Yunhuang." Ning Xuemo revealed the reason, coldly smiling, "Princess is unable to tolerate any other girl who likes the Crown Prince. At that time, I also entered the prison because the Crown Prince treated me slightly better, which made her want to murder me..."
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