Chapter 283 – I Want to Make You Regret Provoking Me! (2)

    Chapter 283 - I Want to Make You Regret Provoking Me! (2)

    "Crown Prince Yunhuang genuinely considers the Princess as a sister. Whereas, her feelings for him are certainly..."

    "Nonsense! Bull**! It's all lies!" Ji Yunyao's face turned from green to white. "Yue Susu was a thief who stole my things..."

    The youngster's hands clenched tightly into a fist. "We, the Heavenly Star Sect, will thoroughly investigate this big matter! If my senior sister is found innocent, we will demand justice! Let's go!"

    The youngster was clearly the leader of this group of Heavenly Star sect's disciples. He turned around and the others Heavenly Star disciples followed behind him.

    The remaining crowd looked at each other in dismay while looking at Ji Yunyao one after another.

    No matter the era, incest was improper and held in contempt. Through the verbal battle between Ning Xuemo and Ji Yunyao earlier, the majority of people present clearly understood the real cause of this matter with Yue Susu.

    No one knew what kind of feeling Ji Yunhuang had toward his younger sister, but it was clear that this noble princess had abnormal feelings toward her blood-related older brother.

    Ji Yunyao knew that even if she managed to conceal the truth about her feelings, t her reputation from now on would become rotten because of Ning Xuemo ruthlessly exposing her!

    Her reputation will become worse than Ning Xuemo's reputation as a trash! Many unpleasant rumors will spread because of this!

    Not to mention that if the Heavenly Star sect got involved in this matter, the truth would certainly be brought to light. At that time, her reputation would be utterly destroyed.

    Someone who disgraced others became others' object of disgrace. Ning Xuemo coldly observed her.

    'Want to bully me? Then, you better pay the price!'

    Ning Xuemo gave that woman a chance, but who told that woman to be stupid and come provoking her again against all reasoning.

    "I'm going to kill you, you slut full of bull**!" Ji Yunyao was completely enraged.  Her figure made a move, at the same time a pale blue knife appeared in her hand. The wind rose in billows, sweeping past Ning Xuemo.

    Ji Yunyao could also be considered a talented cultivator. Her psychokinesis cultivation already reached rank 6. She charged her attack with all her anger and resentment, causing the power contained in it to be surprisingly large. Just as she sent out her attack, countless strong winds whistled incessantly before slashing toward Ning Xuemo.

    The crowd looked at each other and retreated back in tacit understanding to create a bigger space for them to battle each other.

    They all had the same thought inside their minds.

    They just wanted to enjoy the show. Since they didn't want to offend the imperial clan's princess, they naturally wouldn't help Ning Xuemo.

    Most importantly, they could take this opportunity to observe and determine the depths of Ning Xuemo's martial arts.

    What more, they could scheme on how to get their hand on that little qilin...

    It didn't matter who came out victorious in this battle. So to say, there were only benefits and no harm in sitting on the fence. They were happy to be sitting fisherman reaping benefits.

    Fortunately, Ning Xuemo already had her guard up from the start. Therefore she didn't panic when attacked and calmly met it head-on.

    Ji Yunyao's martial arts skill was truly not low and her techniques were outstanding. Her move and her form were without any errors with movements fluttering like an immortal.

    In contrast, Ning Xuemo's psychokinesis was incomparable to Ji Yunyao, but on the other hand, she possessed outstanding inner force. What more, she had a plenty of experience when it comes to fighting. Her actions were direct and efficient and her techniques strange and unpredictable. When she makes a move, it often caught people by surprise.

    As she entered a hand to hand fight with Ji Yunyao, she wasn't in any hurry to attack as she merely dodged and guarded most of the time.

    After more than ten moves, she was able to clearly grasp the extent of the opponent's martial arts style and very quickly she found the holes and weak points of Ji Yunyao's style.

    She sneered inside her mind. 'This Ji Yunyao unexpectedly is the type to love showing off a beautiful appearance. Even when fighting, she always pays attention to the visual aesthetic of her fighting posture.'

    Ji Yunyao's shenfa embodied the meaning of "beauty is just beauty". Her shenfa clearly had many holes. As long as she encountered a genuine expert, she could only suffer a crushing defeat!

    Ning Xuemo didn't care much about Ji Yunyao's incestous love, but that woman kept trying to bully her. Don't blame her for being ruthless!

    Then, Ning Xuemo counterattacked. Immediately, Ji Yunyao became flustered under the pressure, unable to tell head from tail.
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