Chapter 284 – I Want to Make You Regret Provoking Me! (3)

    Chapter 284 - I Want to Make You Regret Provoking Me! (3)

    The crowd looked at the fight as they surrounded the two girls. Ning Xuemo's martial skills were beyond their expectations.

    This girl's psychokinesis really wasn't that high, or it can be said that she never used her psychokinesis, but instead used a different and mysterious power.

    Her silhouette looked as if she was flying. Her shenfa were like electricity; even though she didn't hold any weapons, when she made her move, the sound of the wind was ear-piercing and straightforward. She moved so quickly that not everyone watching could see the switch in her stances and the changes in her attack forms. They only saw a white shadow roving around Ji Yunyao while continuously injuring her viciously.

    Everyone was astonished!

    'What skill did this girl learn?'

    Surprisingly, they had never seen anything like this!

    A good-for-nothing unexpectedly managed to pressure a Rank 6 expert into being helpless situation and even being put in dangerous moment several times!

    'How is she a good-for-nothing?'

    'Would a good-for-nothing be this skilled?!'

    'Also, what type of footwork was she doing?'

    It was like moving clouds and flowing water! So mysterious and profund!

    These people had originally come to watch the two fight, but later more and more of their gazes were drawn to Ning Xuemo.

    Most of these people were fanatics when it came to martial skills. Seeing a unique type of martial art, they were naturally very curious. Every single one of them looked as if they were obsessed, to the point that they forgot their initial purpose.

    The little qilin stood to one side, looking at Ning Xuemo's white figure locked in battle.

    Its big eyes were filled with pride.

    This was its Master!

    No matter what problems she faced, she would never retreat!

    She never suffered a loss, retaliating fiercely at the people who insulted her. A tooth for a tooth, blood for blood!

    It liked it!

    Seeing that Ji Yunyao was being pressured into retreating, the little qilin's blood started to heat up and it couldn't help but yell, "Go Master, go! Kill that shameless woman!"

    With its' words, the crowd was shocked!

    They knew that only the best spirit beasts could communicate with their masters, but they didn't know that this little qilin actually knew how to speak human language! It was worthy of being called a legendary mythical beast!

    And it called that girl what? Master?

    It appeared that only magic beasts who made a blood contract would truly call someone their master, the others were directly called "contractor."

    This little girl actually managed to form a blood contract with the little qilin? No way, right?!

    In the world, in order to subdue a magic beast, the contract must be written in a special type of language and must be written in a special type of ink. After the contract is made, the beasts will execute orders on their contractors' commands, but they wouldn't share their life and dead with their contractor.

    If their contractor was unfortunate and died young, then the magic beast could form another contract with someone else...

    But blood contracts were the stories of legends. If a person's psychokinesis reached Heaven Realm Level 1, they could form a beast-master blood contract. Under these contracts, the beast and master would live and die together, if the master died then the beast would as well...

    When the crowd had first seen Ning Xuemo riding on the little qilin and witnessed the little qilin listening to her words, they had thought that their contract was only a written one, so they tried to scheme for the little qilin.

    Originally, they only had two plans. If Ning Xuemo was tactful and willingly released the little qilin and broke the written contract, they wouldn't kill her.

    Not to mention, they were from famous and upright sects. It wasn't worth it to kill a girl and ruin their reputations.

    If Ning Xuemo was not tactful, then they would find a just and honorable reason to kill her, canceling her contract with the little qilin. Then, the little qilin could still make a contract with one of the stronger members in their group...

    But looking at this scene now, these two plans were both useless!

    Even if they managed to kill that girl, the little qilin would also die!

    Once blood contracts were formed, then they were unable to be broken.

    If they had a Heaven Realm level psychokinesis expert, then they could ask that person to break the blood contract, and making a new contract. Otherwise, don't even think about it!
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