Chapter 285 – I Want to Make You Regret Provoking Me! (4)

    Chapter 285 - I Want to Make You Regret Provoking Me! (4)

    According to their knowledge, there was only one person on this continent who had reached the heaven realm : the Ancestor!

    It was too unexpected for the Ancestor to help that psychokinesis crippled girl?!

    'It...is it possible?'

    Some people were unwilling to believe it could be so. They couldn't help but ask the little qilin, "Divine Beast Qilin, can you understand human language? What kind of contract did you establish with that little lady? If it's a written contract, you don't need to call her Master..."

    The little qilin darted an extremely supercilious look at the man who just spoke. It could speak human words, so why would it not understand the language? 'What an idiot!'

    "Shut up! I am a majestic divine beast. Why would I be unable to understand human speech? Let me tell you that my master and I have formed a blood contract! Do you understand what a blood contract is?! Ignorant fool!"

    Everyone was as speechless as if they were hit by lightning!

    'It was really a blood contract! What kind of relationship does she have with the Ancestor?'

    Suddenly, the crowd vaguely remembered a rumor they heard about Ning Xuemo. When she was imprisoned in the iron cage and was about to be executed, a boy from the Ancestor's procession presided over her case to redress justice...

    Did this crippled little lady obtained the Ancestor's approval?

    Or was it the emergence of another psychokinesis expert of the heaven realm?

    All of a sudden, the figure of that red-clothed man appeared in their mind. Although they didn't fight with that man, they perceived a powerful and tyrannical pressure coming from his body, which could silence them like cicadas in winter, to the point that they didn't even dare refute him when he insulted them.

    "Divine Beast Qilin, who helped you established that blood contract with your master?" Someone took advantage of the little qilin's naivete and ignorance to try and pull out the truth from it.

    But who would have imagined that the look in little qilin's eyes changed. It ruthlessly replied, "Who do you think you are? Why would I, a Noble Divine Beast, need to tell you? Regardless of who, you peasants have no qualification to know!"

    Everyone was speechless. They could only shut up.

    In the end, they had no fate with this divine beast. However, if they could pull that little lady to their side, they could used her to attract more disciples to their sect. Wouldn't it be the same as if they had obtained the divine beast?

    The only thing was that they didn't know if that little girl was in a sect yet.

    Thus, they once again tactfully inquired to the little qilin about Ning Xuemo's master, but it was useless. The little qilin appeared to be ignorant on that point. From his succinct and few words, it didn't reply to their questions.

    It only said, "Wait until Master has settled things with that lunatic Princess, then you can ask her yourself."

    "Miss Ning, do you want to join our Everlasting School? Our Everlasting School can be said to be the 3rd strongest sect on the continent..." Someone was impatient and bluntly tried to recruit her.

    Once someone started, the others wouldn't stand still. One by one, each sect representative started to make their offers.

    "Miss Ning, don't listen to his nonsense. What is this about Everlasting School being the number 3 on the continent?! We, the Storm Sect, are number 3! If you entered our sect, I, the Sect Protector, will give you a recommendation and make you an inner sect disciple! This is a rare opportunity that you should grab onto."

    "Ridiculous! Since when is the Storm Sect the number 3?" A scholarly man spoke, his arrogant tone loudly heard. "Our Void Horizon School is the real number 3! Miss Ning, if you enter our school, I, this Elder, will personally receive you!"

    "Our Everlasting School is the number 3!"

    "Our Storm Sect is!"

    "In the Jiang Hu, it's common knowledge that our Void Horizon School is the number 3... How can you brazenly say such lies!?"

    The little qilin and Ning Xuemo were silent. "..."

    In order to recruit Ning Xuemo, each of them was obstructing the others. They praised their own sect while fighting for their reputation as number 3, arguing to the point that their faces were flushed red with anger.

    Their arguments became more heated and the whole crowd was on the verge of exploding into a fight, with everyone having a player killer's attitude.
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