Chapter 286 – Making a Clean Break (1)

    Chapter 286 - Making a Clean Break (1)

    As for what they were arguing about, Ning Xuemo didn't even listen at all! She only needed to use her toes to think to clearly understand why they wanted to recruit her. It had nothing to do with her, all they wanted is her little qilin.

    In the end, she was only an extra that came with the main prize!

    Ji Yunyao became more and more angry. That cheap girl in front of her was clearly a piece of trash that even dogs would have ignored, but those sects had fought over her like dogs fighting over a bone. Furthermore, among the people fighting, one of them was her own sect's senior brother...

    This made her feel even more embarrassed. The rancor in her heart was like sea waves crashing.

    "Cheap slut! Don't be so proud of yourself! They only fought over you because they fancied your rare little qilin. It's not because they actually acknowledged a piece of trash like you!" While they fought, Ji Yunyao couldn't resist opening her mouth to ridicule her opponent.

    "Noble Princess, I think they must really want to recruit a rare case like you. After all, there's not many people in this world who indulged in incestuous love..." Ning Xuemo replied with a big smile. Her skill at taunting people was vastly superior to others.

    Ji Yunyao deeply stomped her foot repeatedly. She was practically completely consumed by mad fury with Ning Xuemo adding oil to the fire. She wished she could tear Ning Xuemo to pieces.

    At first, she thought she could distract Ning Xuemo with her taunt, but she didn't expected the tables to be turned on her, causing her to become agitated instead.

    During a fight, an unstable mind was the most important thing to avoid. Because of her slight distraction, Ning Xuemo, upon seeing that her chance had come, directly closed in and beautifully unleashed her move "the sword-hand empty of sword". Ji Yunyao's sword was forcibly seized!

    Ji Yunyao was greatly startled and hurriedly retreated.

    Ning Xuemo let out a cold laugh as she drawn an arc with the long sword, slashing toward Ji Yunyao's forehead!

    Ning Xuemo's footwork was like the wind, not allowing Ji Yunyao any chance to dodge right from the start. Ji Yunyao's complexion changed as she screamed, "You cannot kill me! If you kill me, my Crown Prince Big Brother will never forgive you!"

    Slash! Ning Xuemo's new sword slash across her charming face!

    Abruptly, Ji Yunyao's face became painful. She thought her face was being sliced into two halves. She screamed from fright and flew back in retreated like a sparrow.

    "Even if I killed you, he cannot do anything to me." Ning Xuemo's steps interlocked as she continued to press forward. "Your mind is filled with such dirty feelings for him, won't he be ashamed of you instead...?"

    The Princess's vengeful and jealous heart could only be described as pervertedly twisted. For this kind of woman, Ning Xuemo would give her a great lesson that will etch fear into her heart forever!

    Ji Yunyao's mouth was bloody. Half of her face felt numb, while the other half was fraught with pain.

    Ji Yunyao's whole life up to now was smooth sailing. Because of her identity, many people showed consideration to her and there wasn't anyone who dared to really disobey her. As a result, it caused her temper to become arrogant and despotic.

    For the slightest slight, if she was not beating other people, she would be verbally abusing them. Never in her life did she suffer such a loss.

    At this moment, both fear and anger twisted her insides when she saw Ning Xuemo pouncing at her again with a clearly merciless expression. However, it was her fear that won out in the end!

    The little girl that she considered to be beneath her turned out to be no pushover!

    At this instant, like a death god, Ning Xuemo approached steps by steps. "Ji Yunyao, I want to make you deeply regret provoking me!"

    Ji Yunyao took in the image of Ning Xuemo's ferocious and imposing manners. Terrified, she did her best to retreat. "You cannot! You won't dare to..."

    "Why can't I kill you? Ji Yunyao, it was never my intention to lower myself to the likes of you. It was you who was courting death!" Ning Xuemo's figure flashed while a sword light was sent out, cutting towards Ji Yunyao's neck!

    Ji Yunyao was practically terror-stricken. She regretted it! She regretted from the bottom of her heart!

    She should never have provoked that little calamitous fiend!

    She dodged the sword in flurry...

    Ning Xuemo's shenfa was as fast as lightning. The sword light danced all around her.
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