Chapter 287 – Making a Clean Break (2)

    Chapter 287 - Making a Clean Break (2)

    Ning Xuemo's shenfa was as fast as lightning. The sword light danced all around Ji Yunyao. It took a short moment for her clothes to be cut. Her skirt became extremely short and her face was completely covered in multiples sword cuts. Furthermore, it was bright red and heated up. She also didn't realize yet that her face was marred with cuts...

    Ji Yunyao started to curse continuously while backing away, till the point that she could not do it any longer.

    Ning Xuemo once again used the sword. She sliced Ji Yunyao's clothes into half from her rib region to the end of her sleeve, revealing the cut skin on her thorax as the clothes fell. Ji Yunyao finally crumbled. "I know, I know... I was wrong. You..."

    "So you finally realized that you were wrong now? Too late!" Ning Xuemo flipped her wrist and a sword light flashed, descending towards Ji Yunyao's left shoulder.

    In fact, Ning Xuemo had no intention of taking Ji Yunyao's life. After all, this woman was Ji Yunhuang's half-sister. If she killed her here, she wouldn't be able to explain to Ji Yunhuang.

    Besides, Ji Yunhuang treated her pretty well. She would give him some face...

    However, she still needed to teach that Princess a lesson. She wanted to engrave that lesson into her memory, so that she wouldn't do it again!

    "Stop!" Suddenly, a shout could be heard from a distance.

    Right after the voice was heard, a pale indigo light whistled fiercely towards Ning Xuemo's chest!

    Ning Xuemo heard that shout and her heart slightly palpitated. By the time the indigo light was in front of her, her complexion paled!

    She had no time to care about the injured Ji Yunyao as she pulled back the sword and used it to defend herself from the attack.

    Clang! The indigo light collided against her sword.

    The force contained in the attack numbed her wrist and sent her sword flying up into the sky!

    Before, Ning Xuemo was standing as firm as a boulder, but her posture became unsteady after getting attacked. She lost her footing and staggered a few steps back before she could steady her posture once again. She could feel her ankle searing in pain as she had sprained it

    Slowly, she raised her head and saw a man dressed in white clothes jumping off a golden-eyed bird.

    "Big Brother!" Ji Yunyao shouted as she saw her savior and threw herself in the man's arms.

    The white-clothed man was handsome and tall. In a crowd of handsome men and beautiful women, he also didn't lose in terms of appearance and had a calm bearing.

    'Ji Yunhuang! Unexpectedly, he came!'

    "Big Brother! This slut bullied me! Waaah-! I don't want to live anymore..." Ji Yunyao tightly hugged his waist, crying out all the tears in her body.

    Her face was still red and swollen. As her front teeth had been broken, a whislting sound could be heard as she spoke.

    Ji Yunhuang almost didn't believe that the one in his arms was his little sister. He had never saw his little sister cut such a sorry figure.

    Her whole body was full of bloodstains. Her clothes had been cut into tatters and her snow-white skin was being exposed in many places...

    He subconsciously took off his outer robe and covered his sister's body with it.

    He looked at Ning Xuemo who was standing on the side, then look at Ji Yunyao in his arms. His brows knitted. "Exactly what is going on here?!"

    Now that someone had finally come to Ji Yunyao's rescue, her confidence rekindled once again. She immediately cried like raindrops on a pear blossom. "Big Brother, I was looking for her in your stead and came here with great difficulty... watching over at her... I'm also fond of her. So when I saw there was some misunderstanding between her and that group of people, I told them her identity... But then, she actually flew into a rage. Like a madman, she dishonored our reputation by saying we... said that we... I-I can't say it! In my anger, I fought with her. I just want to teach her a lesson and let her understand on how to have a sense of propriety. I didn't expected her to actually use a sneak attack and use such a heavy hand... Big Brother! I want you to judge for me..." She said such a long speech which seemed like the truth but was in actually filled with falsehoods since all the truth was completely distorted by her.

    Ji Yunhuang's sight landed on Ning Xuemo. His expression wasn't good. "Xuemo, is it true?"
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