Chapter 288 – Making a Clean Break (3)

    Chapter 288 - Making a Clean Break (3)

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    Ning Xuemo's ankle was searing in pain. The little qilin could sense that her condition wasn't great. It hurriedly ran to her aid and acted as her support. Ning Xuemo flipped and landed on the little qilin's back. Then, once again, she glanced at Ji Yunhuang. "Do you believe her words?"

    Ji Yunhuang stiffened. His look turned faintly complicated when he met Ning Xuemo's gaze. "Yunyao would never lie in front of me!"

    Ning Xuemo laughed. She bent her head while glancing at the two of them. "If it's going to be like that, then why bother asking me in the first place?"

    "Brother, she relied on that little qilin. She thinks that with that bargaining chip, she could look down on all of us. Earlier, she said that we... unpleasant things about our relationship! It's nothing if it's only me since I'm just a princess. But you, you are Vast Sky Empire's Crown Prince. You reputation couldn't be dirtied by even a speck of bad rumors. You were so good to her, but she bit the hand that fed her. She's too much!" Ji Yunyao raised her tear-stained little face and continued to accuse Ning Xuemo.

    In front of so many people, Ji Yunhuang's handsome face darkened. The look he gave Ning Xuemo turned cold. "Ning Xuemo, apologize!"

    He had already experienced Ning Xuemo's craftiness and shrewdness. With that kind of sly temperament, she actually dared to provoke and even beat up someone! Not to mention whoever's reputation, she could also dare ruin...

    This is exactly that kind of personality that attracted him to her. However, right now, he felt that she was making a joke out of him. It seemed like it was indeed his fault for indulging her too much!

    Ning Xuemo slightly raised her head. She looked at Ji Yunhuang for a split of second before her lips hooked into a faint smile. "What if I don't want to?"

    He wanted her to apologize to that princess? 'Dream on, Bro!'

    Although there was a smile hung on her charming face, her gaze was icy.

    Ji Yunhuang took in a deep breath. "You..."

    "I will not apologize to her!" Ning Xuemo's tone turned colder and sharper as she said that sentence. "I only regret I didn't finish her earlier because I was still soft on her..."

    Based on her real temper, how can she allow a person like Ji Yunyao to live?!

    Ning Xuemo unexpectedly dared to refute him! She even went as far as to say those words to him!

    Ji Yunhuang watched at his bloodstained little sister in his arms. Then, once again watched Ning Xuemo's highly raised little face. His fingers slowly clenched into a fist. "Ning Xuemo, benwang will repeat again, apologize! Properly apologize to Yunyao now! Otherwise, benwang..."

    "Otherwise, what? You want to take her place to beat me?!" Anger bursted inside Ning Xuemo's heart.

    She had already heard that Ji Yunhuang was extremely doting toward his little sister. Every time she caused trouble, as long as he was there, he would pay no heed to her wrongdoings and protected her...

    At first, she was still skeptical, but at present, it appeared that the rumors were true...


    Ji Yunhuang hardly imagined that in front of so many people that this little girl dared to challenge his bottom line!

    Contrary to his gentle and cultivated appearance, his true nature was actually proud and arrogant.

    Ji Yunyao had taken the opportunity to fan the flames further, causing Ji Yunhuang's anger to rise to a higher level!

    'This little girl is extremely undisciplined and out of control!'

    Did she seriously believe that he won't do anything to her?!

    As his anger boiled, he pointed at Ning Xuemo. "Ning Xuemo, you have greatly disappointed me!"

    At the same time an indigo light shot out from his palm, transforming into a giant hand in midair, slapping toward Ning Xuemo!

    Bang! The palm strike landed on Ning Xuemo's side!

    Ning Xuemo's face paled. Her body swayed on the qilin's back. Her blood rushed in her throat. Despite having forcefully swallowed that mouthful of blood, she was however unable to stop a small thread of blood from slipping through the corner of her mouth...

    Ji Yunhuang also never expected that his palm strike could actually hit his target. He froze, then suddenly couldn't help but take a step forward. "Xuemo..." With her inner force and qinggong, she should have been able to dodge that palm strike!
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