Chapter 289 – Making a Clean Break (4)

    Chapter 289 - Making a Clean Break (4)

    "Master!" The little qilin shouted with worry.

    On the way, Ning Xuemo had told the qilin about her friendship with this Crown Prince. It believed that man was Ning Xuemo's friend and would not hurt her. Therefore, he didn't guard against him, but who knew it was caught in surprise with no time to protect his master.

    At this moment, as it looked at the injured Ning Xuemo, his anger rose. It appeared that this friend couldn't be trusted! Hearing and believing are too different things!

    It opened its mouth and shot out a waterball which transformed into an iceball in midair and directly homed at Ji Yunhuang. "Master considered you as her friend, but you hurt her instead!"

    The ice ball was as big as a basketball, causing people's heart to be fearful as it ripped through the air. Even Ji Yunhuang was no exception. He didn't dare to clash with it head-on. He had no choice but to wave his long sword and blocked the ice ball.

    At first, he pushed back the flying ice ball, but never in his dreams did he expected the ice ball to suddenly explode into countless smaller ice balls, smashing on him and, naturally, on Ji Yunyao who was still hugging him...

    The power contained in those ice balls were not small. Ji Yunyao who was originally gloating over Ning Xuemo's misfortune in high spirits was now groaning in pain.

    Ji Yunhuang's power was not shallow, thus the ice balls only caused him pain, but didn't injured him.

    Hearing Ji Yunyao's groans, he asked out of habits, "Yunyao, how are you?"

    Ji Yunyao's tears gleamed on her face. "Big Brother, my body hurts a lot..."

    "Let's go back and have the imperial physician examine you."

    "Yeah. That's good. Big Brother, I'll listen to you." Ji Yunyao always acted extremely lovable in front of Ji Yunhuang.

    In fact, Ji Yunhuang had already secretly checked her body and knew that her injuries were only superficial and not very severe. So, his heart was at peace.

    Finally, he remembered about Ning Xuemo and hurriedly raised his head to look at her.

    Ning Xuemo's complexion was as white as paper, clearly showing that she received an internal injury.

    She was quietly comforted when she thought about the little qilin's ice balls smashing on the pair of siblings. She shot a glance at Ji Yunhuang and indifferently spoke, "Your Highness, the Crown Prince... You once saved my life. Now, I received this palm of yours. Everything is now settled between us! I and you no longer have anything to do with each other. It's best if you properly control your little sister. The next time she insults me again, don't expect me to show her any mercy! Little Apple, let's go!"

    Immediately, the little qilin strongly puffed out from his nose before turning around and leave.

    Suddenly, Ji Yunhuang's heart became heavy. He vaguely felt that he had suddenly lost something. In a burst of panic, he hurriedly said, "Xuemo! Wait!"

    He unconsciously wanted to chase after her, but Ji Yunyao lightly called, "Big Brother! I... I don't feel well..."

    Ji Yunhuang was distracted for a moment. By the time he looked back, the little qilin had already carried Ning Xuemo far away.

    Everyone knew that it was useless trying to stop Ning Xuemo at this time. They all looked at each other before dispersing.

    As for how to recruit that little lady, each of them would their own plans put in action...

    "Big Brother, are we also leaving? You don't have to pay attention to that slut who doesn't know what's good for her..." Ji Yunyao rarely had the chance to lean on her Big Brother's chest, thus she didn't want to let go of him. She subconsciously wrapped her arms around his neck, like a cute and helpless little bird.

    Ji Yunhuang's body stiffened. He lowered her eyes to look at her. "Yunyao, I have always doted on you. In front of me, you were always sensible and won't deceive me!"

    Ji Yunyao's heart palpitated. "I-I... Of course, I will not deceive you Big Brother..."

    "Very good. Remember what you just said to me!" Ji Yunhuang raised his hand to call for Ji Yunyao's red-crowned crane before putting her on it. "You should return to the city first."

    Ji Yunyao panicked and hurriedly hugged his neck. "Big Brother, I... I'm injured. I want you to accompany me..."

    "Big Brother still have things to do. Be obedient. You injuries are only superficial. If you let the imperial physician treat you, there should be nothing to worry about. You should return first." His only thought now was to get her hands off him.
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