Chapter 290 – Breaking All Ties! (1)

    Chapter 290 - Breaking All Ties! (1)

    Ji Yunyao's anger boiled as both of her arms hugged Ji Yunhuang's neck tighter. "Big Brother! Are you going to find that slut? She treated you like this..."

    "Shut up!" Ji Yunhuang's expression sank. "You're not allowed to call her like that! In the future... It's possible that she will be your imperial sister-in-law!"

    Earth-shattering confession!

    Ji Yunyao's expression greatly changed. Anger and fear bubbled inside of her. She couldn't help but loudly scream. "Imperial sister-in-law?! Big Brother, you're crazy! How is she qualified to be an imperial sister-in-law?! She's a psychokinesis trash, she took in a lover, and her reputation is a complete mess! She's not even fit to to warm your bed-"

    "SHUT UP!" Ji Yunhuang's complexion had completely blackened. His whole face was foreboding his stormy mood. "Ji Yunyao, is that how you look after her?! Then, earlier..."

    He rarely spoke harsh words and showed such a stern expression to Ji Yunyao. Therefore, Ji Yunyao's anger rose even higher and hot-blood rushed to her head. For a moment, she lost herself and screamed, "She is not much better than a prostitute! You didn't see earlier what she wore. The gown was clearly men's clothing. What more, her legs were bare beneath it, just like a lecherous whore..."

    PAF! Ji Yunyao got heavily slapped. "Ji Yunyao! No wonder she was being so antagonistic to you earlier. You're a noble princess. How can your words be this malicious?!" Ji Yunhuang's hand shook from anger.

    He never knew that his little sister was actually this unreasonable!

    Did he wrongly accuse Ning Xuemo earlier?

    Although that little girl was always crafty like a little fox, her ways of handling things had a bottom line. If she wasn't truly provoked, she would benevolently help others, even possessing a strong sense of brotherhood and loyalty.

    'She must have used such a heavy hand to handle Ji Yunyao because of her provocation...'

    When he recalled how Ning Xuemo left, her cold look and her words severing their relationship, his heart lurched in pain!

    Was he wrong?

    That wasn't the result he had wished for!

    He clearly... he clearly came here to find her...

    Ji Yunyao stroked her face in disbelief, her eyes wide in disbelief. "Y-you hit me? Big Brother, I-I can't believe you hit me because of that cheap girl..."

    Ji Yunhuang tore off the lapel that Ji Yunyao was grabbing onto. He took a step back and coldly spoke, "Yunyao, you're not allowed to meddle into my business again! In addition, although you and I are blood-related, in the end, men and women are different and shouldn't be so close. In the future, don't go to the Crown Prince's residence again! If there's nothing, you don't need see me!"

    He turned around and jumped on his large bird and departed like a whirlwind.

    He wanted to go find Ning Xuemo and tell her that ever since he found out about her disappearance, he was very anxious and was searching for her day and night...

    Ji Yunyao simply couldn't believed it. She firmly gripped the feather of the red-crowned crane. The hatred in her eyes was like sea waves constantly rolling.

    'Ning Xuemo! NING XUEMO!'

    'Sooner or later, I will make your life no better than death!'


    Ji Yunhuang, mounted on his large bird, was extremely fast. He believed with his speed, it would only take maybe a quarter of an hour for him to overtake Ning Xuemo and explain everything to her.

    However, he never expected that even after following the direction Ning Xuemo headed towards, even after an hour, he still couldn't see even a shadow of Ning Xuemo.

    'A young qilin's speed shouldn't be that fast, right?'

    A bird's vision was keen and sharp, especially for that kind the large bird he was mounted on. Its vision was one of the best.

    It flew around in a perimeter of 5km. Even if it was a running rabbit, it couldn't escape its eyes.

    In order to search for Ning Xuemo, he especially made the large bird fly at low altitude. It flew so low, it was practically grazing the treetop. Logically speaking, it shouldn't have missed Ning Xuemo and the young qilin that were such a big target.

    'Unless... she didn't take this road to leave the mountain.'

    However, there was only one way to leave the mountain. If she didn't go there, then where could she have gone?
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