Chapter 291 – Breaking All Ties! (2)

    Chapter 291 - Breaking All Ties! (2)


    Ning Xuemo's figure involuntarily flashed through Ji Yunhuang's mind. Naturally, he also remembered the little qilin. His heart suddenly skipped a beat!

    His abruptly hit his head.

    'I was thoughtless! I overlooked the most important problem!'

    He was accompanying the Ancestor in the Imperial Palace for four days!

    He didn't even take a single step out of that frozen palace. Every day, apart from answering a few questions raised by the Ancestor, he just meditated and meditated again...

    He was also concerned about Ning Xuemo who went out first. However, attending to the Ancestor was an established rule. If the Ancestor didn't leave, he couldn't leave either.

    What's more, the Ancestor was a strange man. Every day, apart from the occasional questions, he kept sitting in meditation most of the time. He was just like an ice sculpture while sitting in meditation.

    Everyday, at a certain time, a group of civil and military officials would come to pay their respects, but apart from that, he would not look for anyone, nor stroll outside to meet people.

    Ji Yunhuang had no idea why the Ancestor would stop for a few days here.

    The Ancestor's mind was unfathomable, even an immortal god's mind was the same.

    Therefore, despite being a bit puzzled by it, Ji Yunhuang was disinclined to analyze the real purpose of the Ancestor for coming here.

    The Ancestor agreed to stay in the imperial palace for three days. However, for some unknown reasons, he stayed one more day which made him accompany the Ancestor for an additional day...

    Accompanying the Ancestor was still very beneficial. For example, everyday, he could eat the jujube given by the Ancestor.

    Those jujubes were obviously not common. It could greatly boost the body's vitality.

    Not only hunger couldn't be feel, it could raise people's resistance to the cold which allowed him to stay inside that frozen main hall without feeling the freezing cold. What was more, his psychokinesis had improved...

    Cultivating four days beside the Ancestor was the equivalent of half a year of cultivation!

    After four days, the Ancestor finally left. Only after Ji Yunhuang came out of the palace did he learn about Ning Xuemo being bestowed a marriage with the Emperor and her subsequent "kidnapping!"

    His servants selection was extremely strict. Thus the Crown Prince's residence was abundant with talent from all kind of fields. While he was trapped for four days inside the Imperial Palace, the servants inside his residence knew how much he favored Ning Xuemo, so they already went out to investigate the matter concerning Ning Xuemo's disappearance...

    As a result, it didn't take much time for Ji Yunhuang to understand that Ning Xuemo wasn't kidnapped by anyone, rather that it was her escape plan.

    After he learned of it, his heart was once again alarmed as well as pleased. Alarmed because that girl was extremely reckless. She surprisingly dared to flee from a marriage with the Emperor. Pleased because would refuse such a big honor like being the Emperor's concubine. Clearly, she wasn't a girl who chased after fame and profit. He didn't misjudge her at that time.

    In addition, that little girl was quite intelligent to be able to set up that kind of plan and let his Imperial Father suffer such unspoken grievances without being able to do anything...

    When he entered the Palace and saw his Imperial Father's clearly sullen face, showing that the Emperor was absolutely not pleased inside...

    After his men had investigated, he knew that Ning Xuemo went into Heavenly Book Mountains and was with Number Two.

    What worried him most was that the Crown Prince's residence had at once dispatched a group of experts to Heavenly Book Mountains to secretly protect her, but no matter how much they searched around the Third Peak, they were unable to find Number Two and Ning Xuemo.

    It seemed as if she had vanished in thin air for four days without anyone being able to find any traces of her.

    At this point, someone even suspected that she had met with disaster in the mountains...

    Ji Yunhuang was filled with worry, so he had dispatched all his elites and personally entered the mountains to search for her.

    He thoroughly combed one mountain after another.

    However, he never expected that by the time he reached the Third Peak, he immediately heard Ji Yunyao's scream while he was still seated on his large bird.
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