Chapter 292 – Breaking All Ties! (3)

    Chapter 292 - Breaking All Ties! (3)

    He thought that she had met some ferocious beast and had hurried over, only to see that Ning Xuemo was the one who was ferociously attacking.

    Seeing Ning Xuemo's happy expression, he felt a sudden wave of anger. Protecting his little sister had already been ingrained into his bones.

    Maybe it was because he considered Ning Xuemo as a potential wife and subconsciously had higher expectations of her. Looking at what she did, he unexpectedly felt disappointment and anger and wanted her to understand things a little more.

    But he didn't know that with that one attack, he had ruined the friendship between him and her which he had gone through great difficulty to establish...

    When she coldly addressed him as "Crown Prince," his calm heart actually felt as painful as if a cat had scratched it...

    It was as if he had completely destroyed something that could never be mended back with that one attack

    The situation was too chaotic earlier, and adding on Ji Yunyao who was crying in his arms, it made his mind very confused, he actually never wondered why there were so many people around Ning Xuemo...

    Now, finally remember about that little qilin, he felt enlightened and suddenly realized why the crowd was there!

    The qilin beast was one of five mythical beasts, and it had been seen only once in the past hundred thousand years. The rumored qilin was sought by the whole world.

    Regardless of whether it was a major sect or a monarch, once they got wind of the existence of the qilin, they would try to find some way to get it!

    And he didn't know what Ning Xuemo did to actually get the qilin.

    It was said that the ignorant man is innocent, but treasuring a jade ring becomes a crime.

    Those people around Ning Xuemo must have come because of that qilin!

    Even though Ning Xuemo's medical skills were very high, but her psychokinesis wasn't great, if she wanted to get away, she would have to calculate the best way.

    Even though he didn't know what stratagem Ning Xuemo used at that time, but he also knew that at this moment, she wouldn't reveal her identity.

    His little sister had used her identity in the wrong way, even speaking rudely, clearly showing that she was malicious and two-faced. It was no wonder that Ning Xuemo didn't care about his face and was ruthless towards Ji Yunyao.

    But that's also not right, he had inspected Ji Yunyao's injury. Even though it looked really bad, it was only a superficial wound, not life-threatening.

    Apparently, it seemed that Ning Xuemo still acted appropriately, still being thoughtful to his reputation.

    She was so thoughtful about his reputation, but he seriously wounded her in front of so many people...

    Thinking about Ning Xuemo's pale white face, Ji Yunhuang felt only remorse.

    He rode his large bird again to search the area, but still didn't find Ning Xuemo. However, he did see a lot of people who were once around Ning Xuemo...

    He eavesdropped on a few conversations. From these conversations, he roughly figured out what Ning Xuemo had to deal with, the feeling of remorse in his heart grew.

    Of course, he also heard of the gossip regarding him and Ji Yunyao. He was very angry, but also very surprised.

    Even though he and Ning Xuemo hadn't been in contact for very long, but he still understood some of her personality. He knew that she wasn't the type of person who would invent baseless and reckless claims.

    She also wouldn't insult and make up careless stories because Ji Yunyao uncovered her identity.

    She must have actually discovered something...

    'Could it be that Yunyao actually... harbored some unspeakable feelings for me?!'

    Was Yue Susu's demise really brought about because of this?

    There were also other girls confessed to him before. Now that he thought about it, there was no trace of them later on and he had never met them again...

    He hadn't really cared about the confessions and admirations of those girls, so even though he hadn't seen them again, he didn't really take it seriously and had never considered this.

    Now, carefully thinking about this, his whole body was covered in cold sweat.
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