Chapter 293 – Breaking All Ties! (4)

    Chapter 293 - Breaking All Ties! (4)

    Were those girls all secretly killed just like Yue Susu?!

    He took in a deep breath before sighing. It wasn't the time to think about those matters right now. It was more important to find Ning Xuemo!

    She was a lone girl, moreover she had received a serious injury. What's more, she was accompanied by a qilin beast coveted by numerous people. She was in as much danger than a little kid strolling on the streets alone, covered in riches and gold.

    He need to find her quickly and protect her under his wings.

    Ning Xuemo's image once again appeared in his mind. She was indeed wearing men's clothes. When he attacked her, a corner of her gown fluttered, revealing her bare calf under it, of which he he had a glimpse.

    It felt like his heart was obstructed by a lump of metal, causing him to be unspeakably uncomfortable.

    In the end, what happened to her during theses four days?

    What about Number Two?

    In the end, who gave her the gown she was wearing?

    And who helped her established the blood contract with that young qilin?

    Could it be that it was the same person who gave her those clothes?

    Countless questions spun inside his mind, but he didn't believe it was the Ancestor's work like the people present said.

    The Ancestor was inside the Imperial Palace during those four days! It couldn't be that he was personally attending a fake for the whole time?

    The Ancestor could not divide himself, right?! That's completely impossible!

    Then, the person who could established that contract was who?

    With great difficulty, he pressed down all the questions rolling inside his mind. He raised his hand and sent a signal to gather all his subordinates.


    In the jungle next to the road down the mountain, the little qilin with his head covered in leaves peeked out to look at Ji Yunhuang's large bird flying past them. It then looked at Ning Xuemo who was camouflaged like him, head covered in branches and leaves. "Master, is he searching for you? Could it be that he still wants to beat you some more to help his shrewish sister to vent her anger?"

    Ning Xuemo spit out the grass caught in her mouth before she absent-mindedly replied, "No need to care about it. We go our own way."

    The little qilin shook off the camouflage on his body while feeling sincere admiration for its master.

    'Master is an intelligent master.' She said that people would chase after them again. So after immediately leaving, she weaved them some camouflage out of branches, grass and leaves, and covered both of them with it. Surprisingly, when they were covered by her camouflage, they just looked like a patch grass and no matter from which point of view, they blended perfectly well with the surrounding vegetation.

    Sure enough, there were already several people who went past them. However, no one had yet to discover their hiding place!

    "Master, from whom did you learn that kind of camouflage technique?"

    Ning Xuemo faintly smiled but didn't answer.

    This was the special forces army's camouflage technique for jungle environment, part of a scientifically certified course. Naturally, it was considered a superior technique.

    With that camouflage technique, those people searching for her couldn't discover her whereabouts even if they were near her.

    Those people never thought that she would camouflage herself, so they only focused on finding a girl wearing white clothes and riding a gleaming blue young qilin. Thus, they wouldn't particularly take notice of a dark green underbrush.

    Ning Xuemo once again lightly sighed. She already took a pill to ease her internal injury, but it didn't stop her qi and blood from rolling chaotically within her chest. It was clear that the injury she received was quite severe.

    She lowered her eyes. She had overestimated her strength and also underestimated the power of Ji Yunhuang's palm strike. Earlier when he attacked her, he didn't hold back the slightest bit...

    'This is also good!'

    What she owed him had been completely paid back in full!

    She let the little qilin guard her while she sat among the underbrush preparing to meditate.

    At first, she wanted to use her inner force to treat her injury, but suddenly an idea dawned upon her. She remembered Jiu Zun once told her about a psychokinesis refining method. Right now, her body finally had a bit of wood psychokinesis, maybe she could try using that method he taught her...

    She immediately carried out the refining method and circulated the psychokinesis within her body...

    After a short moment, she felt that her external injuries warmly itched while the pain was gradually alleviated.
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