Chapter 294 – The Red-clothed Evildoer (1)

    Chapter 294 - The Red-clothed Evildoer (1)

    Ning Xuemo's spirits soared. She began using the psychokinesis within her body to treat all her injuries. After an hour, she opened her eyes once again and immediately assessed her body. The pain from her injury no longer hurt!

    She could hardly believe it. She turned around and untied her clothes to directly look at her injury. The inflamed purple bruise on her ribs had shrunk to a small faint bruise. Unexpectedly, 90% of her injury was healed!

    'Psychokinesis is truly a magical thing after all!'

    'Jiu Zun's method skills are extremely accomplished.'

    From her sitting position, she rose in one bound. "Alright! Little Apple, we can leave the mountains now!"

    "What about your injury?" The little qilin blinked his big eyes while looking at her. He could only see the smears of green sap on her face, but couldn't see her current complexion under her camouflage.

    Ning Xuemo turned around on herself, causing her camouflage to fall down noisily. "I'm good!" Earlier, the pain was such that she couldn't stand up, but now, she felt she like she could go for another two rounds of boxing.

    Although the little qilin couldn't see her complexion, he saw that she clearly had more vigor and it pleased him to his heart. He impatiently looked at Ning Xuemo. "Master, your meditation technique from earlier was quite strange, but the results are certainly very good. Can you teach me?"

    "Sure!" Right now, the little qilin and Ning Xuemo were like one. So, of course, she was willing to teach him. However, when she thought about the method, she suddenly had a headache.

    "Little Apple, to practice this technique, you need to be in human form..."

    The little qilin gaped in disbelief, "..."

    He clenched his claws. He remembered that little bastard, Jiu Zun, who had acted as the intermediary for the establishment of their contract. One of the conditions that was put down was that he couldn't take a human form until the end of the contract!

    He became dejected. "Master, where are we going now?"

    "Back to the city." Ning Xuemo hopped on his back. She had wandered outside for a long time now and she missed her home.

    In this world, if Ning Xuemo's ability to hide and escape was said to be number two, then no one would dare to say they were number one. With the additional aid of the little qilin's strangely fast legs, they were able to completely avoid all the people searching for them along the way back. Finally, they successfully reached Heavenly Book Mountains' First Peak. From there, they could see the main road leading to the Capital.

    "Master, can I transform into another animal so I can accompany you inside the city?" The little qilin raised his head to inquire.

    Ning Xuemo was pensively gazing at the mountain road when she heard his words. She was extremely taken aback. "Didn't Jiu Zun seal your ability to transform?"

    "He only sealed my ability to transform into a human. I can still transform into other things." As if to prove its words, the little qilin's body trembled and shrunk. A pale indigo sphere of light flashed and the little qilin's figure could no longer be seen, having been abruptly replaced by a majestic tiger. However, the tiger's fur was blue...

    "Master, how it is?" The little qilin ran in circles with a lively expression.

    Ning Xuemo stared, speechless, "..."

    She lifted her hand and massaged her forehead. Then she glared at the little qilin. "Little bastard, why didn't you transform into something different earlier?!" If she had known about his shape-shifting ability earlier, she could have made him transform into some other common animal! But now, a great number of people knew of his existence and she had turned into a target of hate!

    "B-but... you didn't ask me earlier... wuh!" The little qilin felt wronged by its master. It looked at Ning Xuemo with a gloomy face, and tried acting cute by rubbing its head on the corner of her clothes. "Master~ Is it alright if I transform into this?"

    A blue tiger strolling through the city was way too eye-catching.

    Ning Xuemo watched the blue tiger in question, who looked back with a vibrant pair of big innocent eyes. She probed it with a question, "How many different animals can you transform into?"
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