Chapter 295 – The Red-clothed Evildoer (2)

    Chapter 295 - The Red-clothed Evildoer (2)

    "Apart from humans, I can transform into all kinds of animals."

    "That's good! First, transform into a horse."

    The little qilin frowned. "I feel like transforming into a horse is lowering my style."

    'Ah? What kind of style does a qilin even have?!"

    Ning Xuemo immediately said, "Little Apple, it is absolutely necessary that we stay low-key when we enter the city. We can only do that if you change into a horse."

    "Fine." The little qilin compromised and changed its shape into that of a horse. The only problem was... its fur was still as blue as before.

    'A bright blue horse..."

    "This looks frigging abnormal!"

    Ning Xuemo tried to make it change its color, but this time, the stubborn little qilin became difficult. It shook its head, indicating that no matter what, it wouldn't change its color.

    After negotiating, the little qilin, feeling aggrieved and wronged, finally took on the shape of a blue cat...

    Ning Xuemo left the mountain holding onto a blue cat. On the way down, she came across a family of hunters from whom she asked for hunting garbs to wear later on the main road. After all, this place was remote and there weren't that many people traveling on that road.

    When Ning Xuemo had escaped from the Capital, she was brought to a nearby place by the Sixth Prince, which was a deserted spot on the main road.

    However, this time, Ning Xuemo was travelling by foot on the road. She immediately felt that something was wrong. Although there were not many commoner pedestrians on the way, there were, however, quite a few groups from various schools and sects. Those that she saw were all in a hurry, with focused eyes sizing things up everywhere. From the way they acted, they were clearly searching for someone.

    Ning Xuemo's heart palpitated. It appeared that some people hadn't given up after all and were still looking for her, trying to catch her.

    She held the blue cat in her arms as she leisurely walked down the road. She was dressed in hunter garbs with her little face blackened like she had been suntanned. Her appearance was like the typical mountain people, who were mainly more common on this road than the normal citizens. Therefore, when she passed by those disciples from the sects and schools, no one noticed her.

    She let out a sigh of relief. If she was caught by someone at this moment, she would be in a disadvantageous situation regardless of which sect or school that person came from. They merely wanted her to be the qilin beast's zookeeper and what was more, it would be a permanent position!

    Once her ten year blood contract with the little qilin expired, it would be very difficult to predict what her fate would be at that time...

    Those sects and schools were rather afraid of the Imperial Clan. She only needed to enter the Capital to be safe from them.

    First, she would return to the mansion to recuperate. Then, she would see how the situation inside the Capital was before making other plans.

    While holding onto the little qilin in its cat form, she continued toward her destination. Her footsteps were like those of an ordinary huntress, strong and vigorous, which was completely different from the way she usually walked. Naturally, she had to do so in order to hide her identity.

    However, for some unknown reason, she vaguely sensed that there was someone following behind her although she clearly didn't see anyone in particular paying attention to her!

    Despite that, she remained calm and collected regardless of the situation, while searching for the source of her worry. However, she saw no one suspicious.

    It was the first time that this kind of situation happened to Ning Xuemo.

    She once again probed her surroundings with her senses, but this time, the feeling of being followed disappeared...

    'Can it be that I was too paranoid?'

    Or did her intuition fail her?

    Ning Xuemo inwardly shook her head and continued to walk, but she accelerated her pace.

    As the sight of her back gradually disappeared into the distance, a man in red clothes stepped out from between the leaves in the dense jungle on the roadside. It was the red-clothed evildoer that Ning Xuemo released earlier from the crystal coffin.

    His eyes narrowed slightly as he looked at Ning Xuemo's receding back. He raised a finger to touched his chin.

    'That little girl is very alert.' Surprisingly, she could actually feel his presence! 'Interesting!'

    It was known that his tracking skills were number one in the Three Realms. He had never been detected by anyone until now. Unexpectedly, today, a little girl managed to catch his presence...
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