Chapter 301 – The Red-clothed Pervert (2)

    Chapter 301 - The Red-clothed Pervert (2)

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    It was so itchy that he wanted to scream and shout. With great difficulty, he kept his body straight and shouted, "We are the protectors of the Everlasting School. You, you cannot harm us..."

    After blurting out the last words, he could no longer stand and crumbled onto the floor, just like his senior brother. He started to rub and scratch his whole body on the stone floor like mad.

    Ning Xuemo came over unhurriedly. She lowered her eyes to look at the two people chaotically rolling on the ground.

    'Everlasting School's protectors... It appears that their position is quite high!'

    What's more, Everlasting School couldn't be regarded as a famous upright school. On the contrary, they were infamous for using insidious methods to handle their matters. Their main motto was "the end justifies the means".

    In the event someone offended a disciple from that school, the whole school will assemble in order to kill that offender on sight.

    Since Ning Xuemo intended to mingle with the people on this continent, she had already researched and understood about most of all the sects and schools affairs.

    She didn't particularly like to kill people, however she knew that sometimes she had no other choice.

    She slowly approached the two men. Her eyes were cold. "Your journey ends here!"

    Two poison needles shot out from her fingertips. Each needle directly pierced each man and nestled straight into their hearts.

    Finally, they no longer felt itchy. But right afterwards, they widened their eyes, and firmly stared in disbelief at the tiny little girl in front of them. They seemed unable to accept the fact that this girl could make such a heavy move on them! Unfortunately, what came out from their mouths was only gurgles.

    "To begin with, you were the one who harbored malicious intentions. To be dying in my hands right now could also be regarded as a logical conclusion." Ning Xuemo coldly watched them as if she was looking at dying ants until they finally took their last breath...

    "What a vicious girl! But~ I like it!" From nowhere, someone clapped twice as if he was applauding to her. Following that, a red figure appeared on the big stone. "They seemed to be from some whatever school. How powerful! Killing both of them, aren't you afraid that their school will come after you for revenge?"

    "Not afraid." Ning Xuemo lightly replied.

    She already completely offended both men. If she did give them the antidote, they would undoubtedly not only be ungrateful but they will also would never forgive her either. Who knew what kind of sufferings they would make her go through later on if she spared them?

    Therefore, these men needed to die!

    In the time it took her to speak, the two men's corpses unexpectedly started to twist and started to bubble up. A strong stench of charred flesh could be smelled as the two corpses melt at the speed of what the naked eye could see until nothing were left...

    The red-clothed man narrowed his eyes. "Little girl, your skill of disposing a corpse without leaving trace is far from low! Don't you want to ask them who sent them here?"

    Ning Xuemo glanced at the man. "What is the use of asking? Apart from you, who could have possibly told them of my whereabouts? You want to take advantage of the situation after they captured me and coerce me into becoming your servant? Humph! No way!"

    'That little girl is really smart!' She could accurately guess his intentions!

    The red-clothed man watched with eyes full of appreciation. "Little Xuemo, you are very bright. I suddenly feel that making you into my servant is a big waste of your talent..."

    Of course, it's as much of a waste as her letting him to be her master!

    The fact that the bastard also knew of her name meant that he had investigated her background.

    Ning Xuemo extended one of her hand. "Give me back my clothes!" Her clothes were in the hands of the red-clothed man!

    The red-clothed man lightly smiled. His eyes filled with a lusty light. He sized her up several times before he suddenly spoke and an incomparably decent tone, "Little Xuemo, I just discovered that you're quite tall. Ah! Your figure is starting to develop in a good direction. What's more, the little clothes covering those parts are quite interesting. Why don't you feel embarrassed or shy at all when you are wearing such little clothes in front of an adult man like me?"

    Ning Xuemo laughed with a sneer. "Thank you for your compliments. I'm beautiful to begin with. There's no need for your Excellency to mention it. There's a common saying that said 'look at nothing that is not consistent with propriety'. You're the thief that stole away my clothes and you still have to the nerve to tell me that I wear too little in my face?!"
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