Chapter 302 – I Am Not Interested In You! (1)

    Chapter 302 - I Am Not Interested In You! (1)

    In fact, Ning Xuemo also felt quite baffled by the quick changes in her appearance. Ever since she started to cultivate with the method Jiu Zun taught her, not only did her body excrete that greasy and mud-like dirt, she also grew taller.

    Before that, she was small and her figure was as flat as an airport. Ever since she practiced Jiu Zun's method for the first time, it seemed as if she had been reborn, shedding out the mortal body and exchanging one's bones.

    In the span of a mere two days, she had already undergone a growth spurt of 50 to 60 cm, and her figure started showing hints of a curve here and there...

    On top of that, at this moment she was still only wearing her handmade underclothes, which was the equivalent of a bikini in her world. Her underclothes didn't cover her snow-white arms and legs, highlighting her exquisite budding body and showing off the charm of a young lady.

    Because of the long term malnourishment, the former host body hadn't developed well. Rather than a thirteen year old, she had looked like a 10 year old child instead.

    However, at present, after cultivating for a mere couple days, her height could already be considered to be on the taller side for a typical thirteen year old girl, and her skin was fair and smooth.

    If she was a budding beauty before, with her current body maturing, she could finally be called an actual beauty. When she gave sideway glances, it exuded a certain sensual allure. When that seductiveness was added to her original sweet and pure appearance, every one of her frowns and smiles radiated with glamour, making people almost unable to move their eyes away from her.

    Her bared feet were snow white and looked as if they were carved from a piece of delicate jade. Her toenails were pink and glossy like a pearl reflecting the starlight.

    The red-clothed man observed her feet while the light in his eyes became more serene and profound.

    'This girl's appearance might not be the most beautiful, but those small feet are truly beautiful! As if they were crystal!' As he continued to watch her little feet, he suddenly... unexpectedly felt something stir...

    The little qilin noticed the expression on his face, which made him immediately rush to hide Ning Xuemo's body from the red-clothed man's prying eyes. With the qilin's body, most of Ning Xuemo's body was covered, including her feet. It shouted angrily, "What are you looking at you big lecher?!"

    The red-clothed man's gaze shifted to Ning Xuemo's face. "Xue Yilan."

    Ning Xuemo frowned. "What?"

    "It's my name." The red-clothed man eyes was calm and deep like stillwater as his mouth stretched into a smile. "Did you memorize it?"

    Ning Xuemo turned to walk away. "I have no interest in knowing your name." She only wanted him to get away far from her, and better yet, stop coming to provoke her.

    Red clothes flashed in front of her as Xue Yilan suddenly blocked her path. "Wait a moment."

    Ning Xuemo retreated a step while looking at him warily. "What do you want?!"

    Xue Yilan shook Ning Xuemo's clothes and handed them back to her. "Come, put on some clothes. Although your current appearance is very nice to look at, it is enough for me to be the only person to see it. As for others..." His eyes flared with ill-intent as he glanced at the little qilin. "If you let other people see it, I'll gouge out their eyes!"

    His final words were said with a very sinister tone. It caused the little qilin to burst into shivers. It cast an angry look at Xue Yilan. "Who do you think you are? Why can only you look? She is my master, but you're not hers."

    "I've decided that I don't want her to be my servant. She can be my concubine. A concubine knows her husband's name and only the husband can look at her body." Xue Yilan's declaration was earth-shattering.

    The little qilin could only look on incredulously, "....You're not having a high fever, are you?!"

    Ning Xuemo was also shocked by his words, like she was hit by lightning. She grabbed her clothes in a hurry and retreated several steps. She refused to acknowledge his crazy and insane words and dressed up rapidly.

    Xue Yilan smiled as he looked at her. "Don't resist, just accept it."

    "Accept my ass!" Ning Xuemo sharply retorted. "I have no interest in you! I don't want to be a concubine. Even if you decide to take me as your main wife, I will not agree to it. The outside world is filled with pleasures. Your excellency was able to get out of that coffin with great difficulty, so why don't you go roam around the world and stop coming to harass me!" She turned back and walked away.
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