Chapter 303 – I Am Not Interested In You! (2)

    Chapter 303 - I Am Not Interested In You! (2)

    She had only taken a few steps when she suddenly felt her waist constricted. Her body flew up before she could even cry out in fear.

    A chuckle could be heard next to her ears, "You're quite right. The world is filled with pleasures and you will accompany me to explore them."

    Ning Xuemo's expression changed. Her body was held tightly in Xue Yilan's embrace. She was temporarily unable to move a single inch.

    The wind whistled in her ears as the scenery in front of her eyes constantly changed at a quick pace.

    The little qilin loudly shouted, "Release my Master! Where are you taking her?" His figure quickly chased after them.

    "Little pony, if you're not afraid of getting caught by other people, then come and chase after me." Xue Yilan laughed frivolously before his laughter dissipated into the winds.

    The little qilin was stumped. It immediately ran to a hidden place and changed into a blue cat. By the time it jumped out and was prepared to chase them, the red-clothed evildoer who had abducted its master had already vanished completely without a trace!

    It stomped the ground with its tiny claws. That man wanted to throw it off his trails? 'It won't be that easy!'

    Like lightning, it rushed forwards quickly, flying and leaping through the treetops to relentlessly pursue the red-clothed man.


    "Where are you taking me?" Ning Xuemo continued to struggle inside Xue Yilan's arms.

    'That guy's qinggong is very strong. There's barely any difference between his leaping and flying.'

    A third party could only see his afterimage after he flew past.

    Unexpectedly, not a single sects' spies, hiding in the vicinity of her residence, discovered their whereabouts when they left her mansion.

    "I'm bringing you to experience the wonders of the world. Is there a point staying inside that stuffy mansion all day long?" Xue Yilan's hold didn't loosen even for a moment.

    "Hey! Your hold is hurting me." Ning Xuemo struggled again. The bastard even made sure that both of her arms were tightly bound inside his arms. She was thoroughly angry.

    "Behave! Bear with it." Xue Yilan didn't even have the slightest intention of loosening his hold. He continued to advance at a high speed.

    "Red-clothed evildoer! You swore you wouldn't hurt me!" Ning Xuemo furiously said.

    "Yeah, and I haven't hurt you, have I. Say my name! If you say my name, maybe I will loosen my hold." Xue Yilan gently laughed.

    Ning Xuemo inwardly ground her teeth in anger. She took in a deep breath. She eventually caved in to his demands. "Xue Yilan! So, will that do? Now stop holding me so tightly. Quick before I vomit on you..."

    "Hum! Good girl! But... the way you said my name was a bit stiff which doesn't sound comfortable to the ears. It's better if you call me..." A light bulb suddenly went off over his head. "You can call me Lanshan. As the night wanes, my bloody clothes become aflame...[1]"

    Ning Xuemo trembled from the shock. "...Lanshan?"

    'Isn't that a bit effeminate? What's more, doesn't that feel like a verse straight out of a literary work?'

    "Not bad. That was much better." Xue Yilan was obviously very pleased. His arms loosened their hold on Ning Xuemo.

    Ning Xuemo inwardly grinded her teeth in fury. 'This Big Sis wants to beat you to a pulp!'

    She smiled while looking at him. "You will not hurt me, right?"

    "I will properly love you dearly..." Xue Yilan lowered his head and kiss her forehead. "I have a feeling that we were made for each other..."

    'Made for each other, your ass!'

    Ning Xuemo still displayed a smile. "Your excellency really knows how to joke. So to speak, your excellency has lived no less than a few thousand years while I'm barely 13 years old. If even a 5 year age difference is considered as a generation gap, then our generation gap is as deep as the Mariana Trench. This certainly won't do. I think it's better if your excellency could find someone nearer in age."

    While she was talking nonsense with him, one of her hands stealthily moved behind his back. As she lowered her hand, a bright blue steel needle appeared within the grasp of her fingers.

    She was just about to launch her surprise attack and pierce one of his important acupuncture points on his back, but suddenly her wrist was bound. Xue Yilan seemed to have eyes in the back of his head. Like a snake, his black hair coiled around Ning Xuemo's wrist and pulled it forwards.

    [1]  (lanshan) which means "coming to an end" or "waning", Xue Yilan felt like the name would be cool as it gave out the same feeling as the following verse : "As the night wanes, my bloody clothes become aflame..." (,......)
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