Chapter 304 – I Am Not Interested in You! (3)

    Chapter 304 - I Am Not Interested in You! (3)

    "Tsk! Tsk! Little Xuemo, you really hide your murderous intent well behind your smile. Isn't that the poisonous needle you used to deal with those two people? Tsk! Tsk! I'm your future husband. People say that the heart of a married woman is the most poisonous, liable to sting you from behind like a hornet. Those words are indeed not false."

    While shaking his head and sighing, he confiscated Ning Xuemo's poison needle which was hidden within her fingernails. "Xuemo, do you have the antidote on you? Tell me, what would happen if I used that needle to prick you?"

    Ning Xuemo's expression changed slightly, and she glared hatefully at him. "Try it if you want. If I die, then in accordance to your oath, you will be sealed back within the crystal coffin for ten thousand years!"

    Xue Yilan sighed heavily. "I'm not afraid of that oath. We, devils, don't believe in the gods. So, the restriction of the oath has no effect on me..."

    'As suspected, he doesn't believe in the gods!'

    'Damn it! He was toying around the first time...'

    "Do you believe in the Devil Ancestor?" Ning Xuemo probed him with the question.

    "What are you talking about?" Xue Yilan blinked.

    "Forget it if you don't want to talk!" Ning Xuemo closed her eyes.

    "Wait until the day you marry me, then I will tell you everything." Xue Yilan's tone was gentle and soft. He lowered his head once more and kissed her forehead. "But since you were being very naughty, I have to punish you a little bit..."

    Ning Xuemo still had yet to digest the meaning behind Xue Yilan's words when he abruptly released Ning Xuemo. Ning Xuemo plunged down helplessly, and fell directly towards a boundless expanse of frothing white water.

    In an instant, she recognized where she was : the Netherworld Lake!

    In the vicinity of Vast Sky Empire's capital city, Auspicious Orchid, there was only one big lake. That lake was the habitat of countless man-eating water beasts!

    That lake, which could deter anyone by its name alone, was called Netherworld Lake!

    It was the same lake that Ning Xuemo had lured that fake Tu Yidao to, to be eaten by the monsters living within...

    She didn't expected that evildoer bastard, who kept mouthing off his intentions to marry her, to actually throw her in this lake!

    The monster living at bottom of the lake seemed to have smelled something. Its head broke out from the lake surface and spotted Ning Xuemo, who had dropped from the sky. It revealed its sinister sharp teeth.

    Ning Xuemo's body involuntarily plummeted towards the monster's giant gaping mouth as it opened up to swallow her!

    Ning Xuemo's expression changed. This time, she had no choice but to rely on herself. Fortunately, in the last two days, she was able to refine many poison needles. With a wave of her hands, the poison needles shot into the gaping maw!

    When the poison needles hit the insides of the monster's mouth, it quivered and its jaw immediately started to clamp down. Almost at the same time, Ning Xuemo continued to fall but to the side of its maw. Unfortunately, one of her hands was still in the range of the monster's mouth as it was about to close!

    Ning Xuemo couldn't evade. She had no other choice but to shut her eyes and prepare herself for the pain of losing one of her limbs.

    'F*ck that degenerate!' His little punishment was to cripple her?!

    At the most critical moment, her ankle was suddenly constricted. She was immediately yanked away by a strong power. The force was enough to once again pull her into the air.

    "Little Xuemo, how did you feel about that?" Xue Yilan's laugh was like a spring breeze, extremely pleasant to listen.

    Ning Xuemo's little face was ashened. Her whole body was still trembling slightly. Suddenly, she started to cry, "You... what do you want in the end? You might as well kill me and be done with it! Waah~!"

    Xue Yilan was shocked. He had never seen her cry...

    He lifted her by her ankles, but he accidentally saw her exquisite snow-white feet. His adam's apple bobbed as he swallowed his saliva. "How could I bear to kill you. In the future, you will obediently stay by my side..."

    While he spoke, he easily flipped her back.

    Ning Xuemo was flipped high into the sky until, finally, she was upright with her head pointing upwards.

    Xue Yilan stretched his hand out to seize her waist. But suddenly, a golden light flickered in front of his eyes. A big net hit him full in the face with a speed comparable to lightning.
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