Chapter 305 – I Am Not Interested In You! (4)

    Chapter 305 - I Am Not Interested In You! (4)

    By the time Xue Yilan could react, his whole body had already been trapped within the pale golden net...

    "Bastard! Go to hell!" Ning Xuemo took advantage of the situation to step on him, using him as a stepstone to jump toward the lakeshore. The force of her stomp caused Xue Yilan, who was wrapped like a bun by the net, to plummet straight into the big lake.

    Ning Xuemo landed on the lakeshore with both feet. Her heart set, she took a hold of the golden net's rope, but didn't pull it back to shore. Instead, she watched the lake.

    The water around the place where the net fell thrashed and bubbled like water in a boiling pot. Numerous ferocious beasts dived into the depths of the lake.

    Blood spilled out and dyed a large expanse of the lake in red.

    Ning Xuemo's heart accelerated. She continued to watch the the lake with her lips curling up.

    This bastard had suddenly schemed against her earlier, now, she was the one who schemed against him. This was entirely appropriate retribution!

    Ning Xuemo was a veteran when it came to mechanical traps. So when she got trapped inside the big net launched by the two elders from Void Horizon School, it didn't take her much time to unravel the locking mechanism of the net.

    After killing the two men, she had swiftly taken the big net with her, which she had just timely used to restrain the red-clothed pervert!

    The material composition of the net was extremely unusual. It couldn't be cut, burnt nor completely sunk, and only had one way to open it. If the locking mechanism couldn't be unravelled, anything trapped within could only dream about escaping!

    The short moment it took for the net to trap Xue Yilan was enough for the locking mechanism of the net to be activated. Only if she pulled the net to shore, and perhaps, let go of the rope to unlock the net, would Xue Yilan be free.

    'For now, that guy can rot in that net!'

    The net's mesh was tight and dense, so even if Xue Yilan could use a technique to manipulate his bones, he wouldn't be able to escape.

    The monsters within the lake all possessed long and sharp teeth, enough to sink their teeth through the net mesh and chomp at the food within, which happened to be the red-clothed man this time.

    'Xue Yilan, Xue Yilan. This time I will make your dream become reality and turn you into actual bloody rags!'

    She stood on the shore, watching the water in the lake boil from the activity within until the surface gradually became serene again.

    Several monster corpses floated up to the surface... All the carcasses displayed a deep purple color, indicating that they were highly toxic.

    Ning Xuemo let out a sigh. After a short while, she slowly reeled in the net...

    She was extremely careful while doing so, because she knew how crafty Xue Yilan was. She must stay on guard.

    She could feel the weight of the big net was much lighter. It must be because the body and flesh of the degenerate was eaten, leaving only his bones remaining inside.

    "Master!" A little blue cat dashed toward her like lightning, directly into her bosom. It looked at her with bright and clear eyes. "Master, did something happen to you? Where's that bastard?"

    Ning Xuemo continued to reel in the net with one hand while the other stroked the little blue cat's head. "I dropped him in the water when he was trapped inside the net."

    The little blue cat was the little qilin. It had already experienced getting trapped inside that golden net, thus it knew it was not possible to rely on brute force to escape the net. His heart felt reassured upon hearing that Xue Yilan was trapped inside. It watched the lake but suddenly smelled something. "There's a monster inside the water!"

    "Yeah! There's a very fierce monster in there. Look at all the carcasses it ate, not even bones are left..." As her words fell, the big net was pulled ashore, but when she looked at the contents within, she was greatly startled!

    There was nothing inside the golden net. Only a few dark red bloodstains could be seen and there were no remains of Xue Yilan in sight.

    'It can't be?'

    'That man may be a monster, but to die like this?'

    'Could it be that all of his remains were eaten by that lake monster?'

    Although this net was a device that only allowed one to enter and ensured that there was no room for escape, she did smear poison that could kill even a Tyrannosaurus Rex as a safety measure.
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