Chapter 306 – The Mysterious Famous Person (1)

    Chapter 306 - The Mysterious Famous Person (1)

    Although this net was a device that only allowed one to enter and ensured that there was no room for escape, she did smear poison that could kill even a Tyrannosaurus Rex as a safety measure.

    But looking at how he disappeared without a trace, Ning Xuemo thought that things were a little bit too convenient and false.

    However, looking at the carcasses of the many monsters that were floating on the surface of the lake, she felt like she was successful.

    The poison she used was really strange. Once a person was poisoned, if another magic beast ate the person's corpse, then it would also be poisoned. However, if that poisoned magic beast gets eaten by another magic beast, then the second one won't be poisoned...

    Looks like only these few monsters ate his corpse, otherwise they wouldn't have died.

    The little qilin walked around the net in a circle, specifically sniffing the blood stain, "This blood smells very fishy. It's a little like the beasts in the lake though, and it's not like that man..."

    Ning Xuemo's heart became heavy. Could it be that that person didn't die?

    That's not possible, right?

    If he had successfully escaped, then wouldn't he have revealed himself immediately and taken revenge?

    Why would he quietly flee away?

    She looked at the net in her hands and her eyelashes drooped. With a shake of her hand, she threw the net back into the lake.

    With a splash and some ripples, that Everlasting School's treasure sank to the bottom, never to be seen again.

    She patted her hands and picked up the little blue cat, "Little Apple, let's go!"

    Just as she had turned around, her feet paused. Not too far away behind her, stood a man dressed in white.

    His figure was tall and straight like a jade tree, his appearance was extremely handsome, except that his expression was slightly haggard. Right now, his eyes were fixed on Ning Xuemo, "Xuemo!"

    The corner of Ning Xuemo's mouth hooked up slightly, and she greeted him, her tone of voice was indifferent with a hint of estrangement, "Crown Prince."

    That person was precisely Ji Yunhuang. Ning Xuemo's formality clearly did not make him feel comfortable.

    He paused slightly, then walked forward a step, "Xuemo, it's good to see that you're not hurt. I've been looking for you these past two days..."

    Ning Xuemo clasped her hands again, "Thank you for Crown Prince's worry. I am fine. If there's nothing more, I will first..."

    Her "goodbye" hadn't even been said yet when Ji Yunhuang interrupted her, "I have something I want to discuss with you, why don't we find a place to sit?"

    "What is it? Your subject does not want to go anywhere."

    A flash of pain swept across Ji Yunhuang's eyes, but he smiled a little, "It's very important, it won't take up too much of your time. It can't be that you aren't willing to even give me a little face?"

    After all, Ning Xuemo was still living in this empire, and she didn't want to make him too mad. She smiled slightly, "Crown Prince is too polite. Crown Prince, if you'll please."

    Her attitude was very polite but estranged.

    Ji Yunhuang's fingers tightened, and he forced a smile, "Okay, let's go."


    After the two left, the lake returned to its previous calm.

    This place had a lot of ferocious beasts and so it was a place not many people would visit. Thus, when Ning Xuemo and Xue Yilan had made such a commotion here, no one came to look.

    The shores had abundant green grass, and the surface of the water rippled gently.

    After a moment, the ripples in the middle of the lake bubbled and spewed water forth like a fountain. On top of the water, a man with red clothes, black hair, and a refined appearance like jade appeared.

    It was precisely the Xue Yilan whom Ning Xuemo had thought was already eaten by the monsters in the lake. He stood straight while his feet floated on the surface of the lake. The water beasts nearby all surrounded him, each bowing in respect to him.

    Xue Yilan stared at Ning Xuemo and Ji Yunhuang as they walked off side by side, his dark and gloomy eyes slightly narrowing...

    What a fierce and straightforward young girl!
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