Chapter 307 – The Mysterious Famous Person (2)

    Chapter 307 - The Mysterious Famous Person (2)

    What a ferocious and straightforward young girl!

    She was as crafty as a loach. He just slightly dropped his guard and she schemed against him again...

    However, he liked this!

    It was only this type of girl who could match him!

    Only this type of girl was fit to be by his side...

    The image of her fine and delicate feet flashed in his head and he swallowed slightly.

    Maybe being a low ranked concubine by his side would be belittling her. The next time they meet, he'll tell her that he could upgrade her status again as a higher ranked concubine...


    The place Ji Yunhuang had picked a teahouse to discuss with her.

    Ning Xuemo had come to this teahouse before. This was where she bumped into Sixth Prince Ji Yunhao and Hu Diechang. They had a dispute over a teapot and she had plotted against Hu Diechang. She had also suffered under Ji Yunhao's whip before she finally got rescued by Crown Prince Ji Yunhuang...

    Even though it was around twenty days ago, Ning Xuemo felt as if they had happened so long ago as she revisited these memories.

    In such a short span of twenty days, there were too many things that happened. No matter whether it was about the people or their feelings, everything had changed.

    Hu Diechang is dead and the Sixth Prince had been demoted.

    As for her, she didn't know how many times she had swayed on the thin line between life and death, but she was still resolutely holding onto her life in this world.

    However, her plight was still as unfavorable as before.

    The old Emperor still hadn't withdrawn his engagement proposal, and because of the little qilin, she didn't know how many sects and influential powers out there, coveting for her.

    Ning Xuemo keenly observed that this city's most famous and refined teahouse was much more cleaner and quieter than last time.

    Before, this place was already really clean, but this time, it was particularly tidy, as if someone had used alcohol to clean everything. If a magnifying glass was used, it was possible that not even a speck of dust could be found.

    Even the teahouse's waiter wore brand new clothes, and his appearance was very clean. He also walked quickly yet lightly.

    There were a lot of people on the first floor drinking tea, but they were all quiet and calm, sitting with perfect poise.

    Everyone seemed to be excited but suppressed their excitement, pretending as if they were calm.

    Even though they were talking quietly, as if they were fearful of surprising something, but their eyes would always look up at the second floor from time to time.

    What was going on upstairs?

    What was going on with these people?

    Ning Xuemo's eyes, filled with questions, looked at Ji Yunhuang. Ji Yunhuang frowned; clearly, he did not know what was going on and looked towards the waiter who was leading them.

    That waiter was clever and immediately bowed and said, "Crown Prince, Master Han Shanyue is on the second floor painting."

    His voice was very low, and once he said the name "Han Shanyue", his voice was even lower and full of reverence.

    Ning Xuemo's eyebrows moved.

    Not only did she knew about that Han Shanyue person, but she knew he was extremely well-known.

    The name Han Shanyue, was renowned for not one, but his three greatest talents.

    He was not only the continent's most famous art sage.

    But he was also the continent's most famous fortune-telling master.

    And finally, the continent's most elusive top martial master.

    Geniuses always had weird tempers. Even if someone was not a genius, they would feign like they had the attitude of a genius. How was an actual genius any different?

    This Han Shanyue was the master of these three talents which made him an anomaly among the anomalies.

    He had a severe case of mysophobia and everything he used cannot afford to have a single flaw.

    Wherever he went, the place had to be thoroughly washed with water and the people who served him must have been bathed in incense beforehand.

    Even though he rarely painted, every painting was unique and priceless.

    His fortune telling was very accurate, but he would only do it on his whims. Even until now, there was no one who could be better than him.

    He even possessed a mysterious and profound martial art...
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