Chapter 308 – The Mysterious Famous Person (3)

    Chapter 308 - The Mysterious Famous Person (3)

    The reason why they considered him a mystery wasn't because his skill was peerless, but rather it was because he lived a simple life and won't easily fight others. Furthermore, no matter what fights he would be in, he would never lose...

    Since he was an art sage, he naturally wouldn't be without money.

    Also, his clothing was not low-key either. A random accessory on him would be worth at least ten thousand gold, and some were even worth one million gold. He was a walking treasure wherever he went.

    This type of person would naturally attract the envy of all sorts of people around the Jianghu. The amount of people who schemed against him were innumerable.

    But it was also weird. This Han Shanyue was only one person, but no matter how many people were dispatched against him, they would always end up walking to their deaths...

    There were no people who had seen his true skill, and the people who have seen it were no longer in this world...

    His whereabouts were always uncertain. All five empires on the continent had seen him before.

    Yet nobody knew where he actually lived. It seemed as though when he should appear, he would suddenly appear.

    And he would leave without a warning and suddenly disappear.

    Before, there were some people who tried to follow him, but they would lose sight of him midway through. Some said he just disappeared into thin air, others said he rode away on a cloud.

    In brief, even his live remained unknown

    Further deepening the mystery surrounding his character.

    Ning Xuemo didn't think that she would manage to chance upon such an expert during this trip to the teahouse. Some curiosity rose in her heart.

    So when Ji Yunhuang knew that the second floor of this teahouse had been completely bought out by Han Shanyue and they could only drink tea on the first floor, he suggested moving to another teahouse, only to be rebuffed by Ning Xuemo.

    She picked a seat that was directly facing the stairs, smiling, "Your Highness, let's just talk here then." She waved at the waiter to bring two pots of tea.

    Ji Yunhuang looked at her with a complicated expression in his eyes. The thing he wanted to discuss with her needed to be discussed in a quiet room privately, not here with a bunch of other people in a big room.

    But he didn't want to disobey her wishes. It was obvious at this meeting that she was very cold and indifferent to him.

    If she was acting angrily because she felt injustice and ignored him, he would have the confidence in trying to coax her. However, she was treating him with neither coldness or warmth, and in fact was very courteous.

    It gave him a baseless feeling of fear, a fear of never being able to redeem himself to her again...

    The Crown Prince had come before, the waiters at this teahouse didn't dare to slight him. The tea was the best tea, the pot was also the best pot. The refreshments were also naturally the best refreshments.

    Ning Xuemo looked at the red clay teapot. She naturally remembered that it was the one she had used last time. It should be the store's newest one. It seems like this Crown Prince wanted to evoke the mood for remembering old friends and old times, and let her forget the things that were not as good.

    Crown Prince seemed to be very diligent about this. Only she was afraid...

    Ji Yunhuang seemed to be very skilled at the art of brewing tea. He personally brewed it, and his movements both flowed and was smooth. Every one of his moves was noble and aristocratic, letting people feel delighted and pleased.

    As the Crown Prince, Ji Yunhuang was not low-key, so much of the public knew of him. This teahouse in particular was where most of the customers were of nobility and so he was even more familiar with them.

    When Ji Yunhuang had come in with Ning Xuemo, many people had stood up to greet him. Ji Yunhuang had used as little words as possible to deal with them.

    These people knew that the Crown Prince didn't want to be disturbed by others, so they did not dare go over. However, they would throw glances at the table from time to time.
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