Chapter 309 – The Mysterious Famous Person (4)

    Chapter 309 - The Mysterious Famous Person (4)

    These people divided some of their attention to peep at what's going on at Ning Xuemo's table.

    They became extremely surprised when they saw Ji Yunhuang brewing tea for the girl sitting across from him. Every single one of them widened their eyes in astonishment. They gave furtive glances at Ning Xuemo, trying to size her up while taking shots at guessing her identity.

    Since they noticed her, they also discovered that there was an arrogant-looking cat with glossy blue fur sitting on her lap.

    The cat's back legs were resting on her lap while its front paws held both a teacup and some snacks. It drank and ate with elegance and refinement.

    Its eyes were narrowing in completely satisfaction as it ate and drank.

    Its expression was abundant and changing, thus attracting the attention of half of the guests in the teahouse.

    There were a few ladies drinking tea at this moment, and their sights landed on the blue cat from time to time as they wished they could hold it in their arms and stroke its fur.

    "Xuemo, would you like to try tasting whether my skills are up to par?" Ji Yunhuang passed Ning Xuemo a cup of tea.

    Ning Xuemo did not decline. She politely smiled as she received the cup. "Your Highness' tea art is brilliant."

    The blue cat immediately raised its head and spoke an earth shattering line, "Master, I want to try too!"

    'Dear heavens! This kitty can talk!' What's more, its voice was unlike the sound of a parrot imitating a human, and it was music to their ears!

    Everyone stared at it with burning gazes.

    Right in front of everyone's eyes, Ning Xuemo indifferently gave the teacup to the blue cat. The blue cat took it with its front paws and, sipped on it like a human. "Not bad!" It bent its head backward and drained the cup with one gulp.

    Everyone was rendered speechless, "..."

    Could this kitty be a demon?! All of its actions are so human-like!

    Moreover, unexpectedly, this girl gave the tea that the crown prince poured for her to the cat. 'This... Isn't this not giving the crown prince any face?'

    Everyone paid their attention to Ji Yunhuang's expression.

    Ji Yunhuang remained calm and poured another tea cup before giving it to Ning Xuemo. "Here, drink this one."

    "Many thanks, Your Highness Crown Prince." Ning Xuemo thanked him once again.

    "Xuemo, must you treat me as politely as if we are strangers?" Ji Yunhuang's eyes showed the heaviness he felt inside.

    "This is not being polite. Rather, this humble woman needs to show proper etiquette in front of Your Highness." Ning Xuemo's charming face displayed a pure and moving smile.

    "Xuemo was inexperienced and had acted unsensible in front of Your Highness before. I hope Your Highness doesn't blame me."

    "I... would rather prefer that you act just as like you did before..." Ji Yunhuang became more and more depressed.

    Ning Xuemo drank some tea and spoke while wearing an increasingly more sincere smile, "The past is already the past. Your Highness, time does not turn back for anyone."

    'Does this mean that things will never got back to how they were?'

    'No!' He was unwilling!

    Ji Yunhuang watched her relaxed and unfettered manners. He lightly sighed, "Xuemo, you've changed."

    Ning Xuemo hardly cared about his words. "Your Highness, people are impermanent and changes are part of us."

    "Do you still blame me?" Bitterness marked between his brows.

    "Your Highness is overthinking. How could Xuemo blame Your Highness? Protecting your blood sibling is something that you ought to do. After all, I'm only an orphan girl from the Marquis Mansion, a stranger..." Ning Xuemo's tone denoted an indifference.

    "Xuemo, I understood that Yunyao was actually wrong that day. I have wronged you... Your injuries... were they serious? I had been searching for you in Heavenly Book Mountains for the past two days. I was afraid that you met with mishap..."

    "Your Highness, rest assured. My injuries have already recovered. There's no need for Your Highness to worry about..."

    They both said a few lines back and forth. Ning Xuemo was indifferent the entire time, polite and estranged.

    Ji Yunhuang put forth his all in order to bridge the gap between them, but to no avail.
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