Chapter 310 – I Really Have No Chance? (1)

    Chapter 310 - I Really Have No Chance? (1)

    Where could there exist a blue cat which enjoyed eating as much as this. While those two conversed, it had already swallowed two plates of pastries and drank three cups of tea.

    The Crown Prince sized up Ning Xuemo again. The light in his eyes slightly moved, "Xuemo, you've changed!"

    Ning Xuemo raised her hand to rub the space between her eyebrows. "Your Highness, you just said those words to me."

    "That's not it. I'm talking about your appearance... In only two days, you grew up a lot!"

    Originally, she looked like a beauty in the bud, the kind of beauty that exuded an innocent and cute childishness. But right now, she was displaying the charm of a young lady.

    'How did she undergo such big changes in only two days?!'

    Ji Yunhuang's heart stirred. All of a sudden, he extended his hand and grabbed her wrist in order to check the psychokinesis within her.

    His fingers merely brushed Ning Xue's tender skin, but Ning Xuemo had already flipped and moved her wrist away. Surprisingly, she broke away from his palm with movements as fluid as a swimming fish.

    "Hey! What are you doing?!" The little blue cat leapt onto the table, arching its body, and roared at Ji Yunhuang.

    That man had soured its mood for quite a while!

    He had a stupid little sister and because of his unreasonable little sister, he injured its master. He couldn't be thinking about harming its master again?!

    Ji Yunhuang was startled. This human and beast pair were clearly on guard against him, which hurt his feelings. He bitterly laughed while his stare fixed on Ning Xuemo, "Xuemo, I only wanted to examine your psychokinesis. I have no other intentions."

    Ning Xuemo took the blue cat, whose fur was still erected, off the table and back into her embrace. She raised her head and indifferently smiled, "I'm a psychokinesis trash. Didn't we already test it before? Why would your highness need to test it again?"

    "Ah? No wonder she looked familiar! She's Ning Xuemo, that psychokinesis trash!" A person at the table next to them blurted out.

    That person's voice was not small and in a calm teahouse, his voice could be heard by almost everyone there.

    Practically everyone directed their stares at Ning Xuemo and sized her up without any restraint.

    The originally quiet lounge suddenly buzzed with noise.

    Those people took into consideration Ji Yunhuang's presence, so they lowered their voices while they discussed between themselves. From time to time, they exchanged some understanding gazes.

    The little qilin's hearing was sharp, thus he could hear everything that was being said.

    It could hear some people saying, "It's really her! Didn't she get kidnap? How come she's together with his highness the Crown Prince?"

    "A trash being all pretentious in front of the Crown Prince. I really don't know if she's insane?"

    "That's right! I heard that before leaving, the Ancestor bestowed a few words to the Emperor. Wasn't it related to that girl?"

    "Ah? What did the Ancestor say? How come I don't know about it? Quick tell me! Say it quickly!"

    "The Ancestor's speech was philosophical... err... his words were very profound, so I don't remember everything, but he seemed to say something like 'the bane of others' existence'... Those words were heard by my grandfather's own ears, so it couldn't be wrong."

    Clang! The teacup in Ji Yunhuang's hand suddenly fell to the floor!

    The sound clearly resounded within the calm lounge. The buzzing sounds of conversations finally stopped. Everyone's gaze all turned to Ji Yunhuang.

    Ji Yunhuang spoke in a cold and low tone, "Anyone speaking falsehoods will not be forgiven."

    His imposing manners frightened people. The people present at the scene were in most part the younger generation of this empire's high officials and nobility, but they were nevertheless very fearful towards the Crown Prince. As Ji Yunhuang swept a glance at them, each and every one of them lowered their head.

    Ji Yunhuang inwardly took in a breath as if he finally decided something. He spoke in a deep voice, "This is Miss Ning. She is Marquis Jingyuan's daughter, bright and thoughtful. I admire her extremely. In the future, I will take her in as..."
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