Chapter 311 – You Come Up Here! (1)

    Chapter 311 - You Come Up Here! (1)

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    His words, "the Crown Prince's consort", had yet to be spoken when suddenly, a clear and cold voice floated down from upstairs, "Who is making such a racket downstairs?" The voice, like drifting ice and fragments of snow, flowed into everyone's ears.

    It was nearing the end of summer and the weather was hot and humid. Furthermore, there was no air conditioning in this world. Therefore, even in the best teahouse, the temperature inside was stifling hot.

    However, when that voice rose, everyone had the impression of having suddenly gulped down a big cup of iced tea. Their bodies became cold while their minds shook!

    Ning Xuemo's heart also skipped a beat. She raised her head at the sound of the voice and saw a person appearing at the top of the stairs.

    When that person appeared, everything seemed to shine before everyone's eyes!

    It was as if the glamour of all the teahouse decorations were suddenly enhanced by several times in a flash!

    It was a young man in his twenties, dressed in a wide silver-colored chinese gown. The gown looked like a painting, with a rocky mountain and a cluster of mountain bamboos drawn on top. With each of his movements, the shadows of the bamboos reflected on the rocky mountain like moonlight shining down. In an instant, it made people feel like they had entered a forest of bamboos and could heard the sounds of nature...

    The person stood on top of the flight of stairs. The light shone from behind him, highlighting his silhouette but obscuring his real appearance. Despite this, it could be clearly felt that he was an extremely outstanding person, full of elegance and not at all coarse.

    The candlelight illuminated the darkness behind him. He was comparable to a sublime musical composition played by an absolute guqin master, making him unforgettable to anyone who had the good fortune to lay their eyes on him.

    Almost everyone in the lounge forgot to breathe!

    Han Shanyue!

    There was no need to ask. That person was the rumored mysterious and elusive Han Shanyue. Indeed, he was just like his name - cold moonlight on a cold mountain.

    Han Shanyue's sight slowly swept the whole lounge. It stopped on the little blue cat before moving away until it finally landed on Ning Xuemo's face.

    It was poorly lit where he stood so Ning Xuemo couldn't make out his appearance. However, she could clearly feel his gaze concentrating on her.

    Out of reflex, she faced his penetrating gaze. It made her heart palpitate, giving her a vague sense of familiarity...

    That gaze seemed a bit... a bit like that time when the Ancestor looked at her through the curtain of his palanquin!

    This sense of familiarity caused her mind to shake!

    "You..." Han Shanyue's gaze fell on Ning Xuemo's body. "Come up here!"

    Ah? He called her to do what?

    Right now, apart from the conspicuous blue cat that she was holding, there was nothing else unusual about her.

    That Han Shanyue, the master who stood above all other mere mortals, suddenly called her to go up there for what?

    She wasn't familiar with him!

    A heap of sharp looks turned once again towards Ning Xuemo. All kinds of emotions could be seen in full display across all those stares.

    There was astonishment and bewilderment, in addition to a hint of schadenfreude. Of course, there were also the glares of jealousy shining brightly from the young girls.

    She was undoubtedly the infamous trash. How could she get such favourable treatment from so many high-standing characters?

    The Ancestor once dispatched his servant to give her justice. His Highness, the crown prince, repeatedly saved her, and Le Xuan Emperor wanted to take her as his concubine...

    Now, even that mysterious Han Shanyue, who placed himself above the common mortals, personally called her to come to him...

    Did that little girl feed a bewitching drug to all those great characters?!


    Ning Xuemo sensed ill-intent darting from all around her.

    Most of those were glares were brimming full of jealousy, which she recognized once again.

    Regardless whether it was her previous life or this one, she was often covered by this kind of gaze to the point that she had long grown numb to it...

    "Teacher, it was my voice which disturbed you earlier while you were painting. If Teacher has any discontentment, I, this prince, will apologize to you. As for this young lady, she is innocent..."
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