Chapter 312 – I Really Have No Chance? (2)

    Chapter 312 - I Really Have No Chance? (2)

    "Teacher, it was my voice which disturbed you earlier while you were painting. If Teacher has any discontentment, I, this prince, will apologize to you. As for this young lady, she is innocent..." Ji Yunhuang extended his hand and without a word, pulled Ning Xuemo behind him while he stepped forward and easily accepted all the blame himself.

    Ning Xuemo's heart was moved slightly. Her gaze became complicated as she watched Ji Yunhuang's back.

    As long as the situation didn't involve his little sister, he could be regarded as a pretty decent person...

    "I was the source of this racket. Your Highness doesn't need to cover for me." Ning Xuemo came out from behind Ji Yunhuang's back.

    She was as unaffected as a dead pig that feared scalding water. In any case, nowadays, many people were trying to make things difficult for her.

    She also didn't lack in encountering weirdos like the one in front of her.

    What was more, her intuition told her that this weirdo probably would not make things too difficult for her...

    "No, the situation has nothing to do with Xuemo. I was the one who made a racket. The one who dropped the cup was also me..." Ji Yunhuang once again reached out to Ning Xuemo and tried to pull her behind him.

    Han Shanyue stood on top of the stairs, watching the two people striving to absolve the other. His black eyes stared deeply with an unknown expression.

    "Both of you come up here." He said lightly before turning away to leave.

    Ning Xuemo and Ji Yunhuang looked at each other. Ning Xuemo didn't care much about it. 'Let's go up then!'

    Anyway, just for the sake of some noise, what could this weirdo do to her?

    She raised her leg and was about to step on the stairs when Ji Yunhuang stretched his hand out to stop her. "Let me go up first."

    Two shadows flashed at the entrance. It was two people dressed in the attire of the imperial bodyguards. Their figures appeared and obstructed Ji Yunhuang. One of them spoke with a grave expression, "Your Highness, you don't have to take such risks."

    Ning Xuemo felt that these imperial bodyguards were making too much fuss over nothing. They were just going upstairs to meet with that eccentric art sage. It was not like they were about to charge into a dragon nest or a tiger den.

    Ji Yunhuang appeared to understand Ning Xuemo's thoughts. He secretly told her a few words, "Three years ago, there was a young master from a rather powerful force who was quarrelling and made noise in front of Han Shanyue, impeding the art sage from painting. So, with a wave of his sleeve, the art sage threw him out of the floor, causing him to be half-dead from the fall. He was bedridden for more than a year before he could recuperate enough to get out. Unfortunately, as for his cultivation... It was completely crippled."

    'How ruthless!'

    Ning Xuemo couldn't help glancing upstairs. Indeed, it was very difficult to correlate the image of the painter to that of a brutal man...

    "Master, don't worry. I'm here to protect you." The little qilin licked her fingers to show its fervent loyalty and encouraged her to advance.

    "Xuemo, no matter what, I won't let you get harmed." Ji Yunhuang grasped Ning Xuemo's hand while he used his other hand to push his two bodyguards out of the way. "Both of you retreat back!"

    He was very overbearing and as a result, his two bodyguards did not dare to defy him. They had no choice but to retreat on both sides. "Your Highness, please allow us to follow you."

    "No need." Ji Yunhuang waved his hand. "You can wait here."

    Han Shanyue was not someone who was fond of people. Moreover, when he spoke, he would not allow anyone to disobey him. He only allowed two people to go up, and would unlikely let his subordinates follow him.

    Besides, Ji Yunhuang was proud to the bones. Considering his cultivation level, he could be counted as one of the elites within the entire continent. If it really ended in a fight, he didn't believe he would go down in three moves against that Art Sage.

    As long as he could last for three moves, it would give his elite bodyguards enough time to rush upstairs.

    Therefore, it was not worthwhile to let his bodyguard take the lead this time and get emboldened.

    The two imperial bodyguards were extremely intelligent. They immediately understood Ji Yunhuang's intention. They bowed back in retreat and no longer stopped him.
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