Chapter 313 – You Come Up Here! (2)

    Chapter 313 - You Come Up Here! (2)

    The two imperial bodyguards were extremely intelligent. They immediately understood Ji Yunhuang's intention. They bowed back in retreat and no longer stopped him.

    Ji Yunhuang continued to pull Ning Xuemo by her hand. Ning Xuemo really didn't think of acting that intimate with him, but his fingers had already tightly grasped her little hand and she was unable to escape from him at this time.

    Since she couldn't exert more strength than him or even outrightly attack him, she could only grudgingly allow him to hold her hand.

    'Forget it. It's just holding hands. This is really nothing.' In her previous world, she and her brothers-in-arm often hooked arms over each other's shoulders.

    They both held hands as they ascended up to the second floor. When they arrived, they finally saw the floor's layout.

    There was a wide empty space set aside in the middle of the lounge for a very eye-catching round table made of pear tree. On the table, an enormous canvas sheet was spread out along with paint, paint brush, ink stone and other painting accessories next to it.

    With extremely precise movements, two people worked in perfect harmony ahead of them; A boy was agilely grinding the ink stone while the other boy lined up the paint.

    The whole lounge wasn't lit by any common candlelight. The unique source of light came from a huge night pearl hung above the drawing table like a small moon. Yet the radiance emitted from it was far from blinding as its shine was solely focused on the drawing table.

    The scene in front of them was as if they were on a stage with a spotlight directly illuminating them, while the rest of the floor was obscured in darkness.

    That Great Master Han Shanyue was standing in front of the table with the night pearl shining from behind him, highlighting the outline of his silhouette while obscuring his facial features with his own shadow. Ning Xuemo was again unable to determine his facial features, just like before when he stood in front of the flight of stairs.

    It seemed like the Art Sage had no intention of letting people clearly see his face, as he completely exploited the light effect to mask his face without covering it. There wouldn't be much difference if he were to just wear a mask.

    "Sir, you called for us here, what may we help you with?" Ning Xuemo wanted to clasp her hand in greeting, but when she started to raise her hands, she realized that Ji Yunhuang was still holding her hand.

    Han Shanyue watched them come up with his sight stopping on their linked hands.

    The little qilin leaning on Ning Xuemo's chest also attentively observed Han Shanyue. Suddenly, he felt as if the temperature of the whole room dropped a few degrees!

    Then, its eyes abruptly widened!

    The fur on its whole body practically stood erect!

    'Jiu... Jiu Zun!'

    Ning Xuemo could clearly feel the little qilin acting abnormal. Since she could use telepathic communication with the little qilin, she immediately asked, "What's wrong Little Apple?"

    The little qilin glanced at Han Shanyue. It hesitated for a moment before replying, "N-nothing. I-I just feel a bit cold." Its fur slowly returned to normal.

    However, its heart continued to palpitate.

    It had indeed recognize him. However the person himself had promptly sent it a message forbidding it to let Ning Xuemo know!

    The person that the little qilin was currently the most afraid of was him. Therefore, even if it felt that it had let down its master by not informing her of this person's real identity, it endured it in silence and obediently laid back down without saying anything.

    'He... wouldn't harm my master, right?'

    It would be unlikely since he was actually pretty good to its master.

    Right now, he must have his reasons for stopping it from revealing his identity to Ning Xuemo.

    Sometimes not saying anything to preserve oneself was better than headbutting into danger.

    At this moment, Ning Xuemo didn't have the leisure to deal with the little qilin's mood swing. Although, it was true that the temperature upstairs was much lower than downstairs.

    The two servant boys were already wearing double layered jackets.

    If Ning Xuemo's current power wasn't profound enough and she barged onto this floor, perhaps she would start shivering from the freezing temperature.

    Han Shanyue pointed at Ji Yunhuang, "You stay there." Then he pointed at Ning Xuemo, "Come and grind the ink for me."

    He made such a big fuss ordering her up here just to make her grind ink?
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