Chapter 314 – Do you like him? (1)

    Chapter 314 - Do you like him? (1)

    Ning Xuemo felt a little embarrassed. Of course, she wouldn't get into a confrontation over a measly favor.

    She took the opportunity to pry Ji Yunhuang's hand off and walked away.

    Ji Yunhuang stared blankly at her with his mouth opened as if he wanted to say something, appearing worried about something. However, in the end, he couldn't utter a word. After a moment, he only spoke a few words to Ning Xuemo, "Xuemo, be careful..."

    Ning Xuemo didn't turn back. She only made a waving gesture behind her back, signalling that she had understood him.

    Finally, she looked at the painting that Han Shanyue had just drawn. The sight of it suddenly gripped her heart!

    The painting was that of an incomplete scenery of a mountain range with numerous peaks. The peaks had all kind of different heights with their summit covered in clouds and mist. Within the encirclement of mountain peaks, there was a waterfall. Beside it, there was a terrain filled with weird shaped stones...

    'This... This looks just like the scenery on the 9th Peak of Heavenly Book Mountains after the protection barrier surrounding the lake had vanished!'

    Ning Xuemo lifted her eyes to look at Great Master Han Shanyue near her. From her position, his facial traits were still as obscured as before. Unexpectedly, despite their close distance, Ning Xuemo was still unable to make out what his face looked like at all.

    A thought suddenly popped into Ning Xuemo's mind.

    'Great Master Han Shanyue couldn't be a transformation of Jiu Zun, right?!'

    The thought scared her as she couldn't help but give a few more glances at Han Shanyue.

    However, Han Shanyue didn't spare her a glance. He only instructed her, "Grind the ink stone."

    His palm fell on the incomplete painting. In a flash, the painting vanished into white smoke without leaving a trace.

    Ning Xuemo asked, "Why did you destroy the painting?" She somewhat felt it was a pity. The painting had both harmony and soul in it. After looking at it for the first time, she couldn't help taking a second look. Even after she looked at it for the second time, she had the illusion that she was sucked into the painting and stood inside it...

    Although Ning Xuemo wasn't an art critic, how could she have entered into an art trance this easily? It was such a pity that the painting was destroyed. If he gave it to her, she could still sell it for an astronomical amount of silver.

    "It's flawed." Han Shanyue replied succinctly.

    The assistants besides him also revealed an expression of regret. They were also painting prodigies, and could be considered as young master painters as well. For this occasion, they were invited by Great Master Han Shanyue as assistants and were extremely willing to support that great master.

    Earlier they saw Han Shanyue painted and saw how his painting brush was like a soaring dragon in the sky. Under his brush, the mountains and rivers seemed to come alive. Upon seeing such a masterpiece before their very eyes, their spirits were completely enchanted.

    Although it was only half-finished, in their eyes, it was already an exceptional masterpiece. But, without warning, the Great Master said the painting was ruined!

    They couldn't see even the slightest dot of stain or flaw anywhere.

    They could only assume that the two people making a racket downstairs had disturbed the great master! This caused this exceptional masterpiece to be ruined!

    Therefore they glared at Ning Xuemo with eyes full of blame.

    Ning Xuemo pretended that she didn't see them. Instead, she smiled. "Those are just small flaws. Great Master, must you need to ask for perfection?"

    At this moment, the two assistants were already unfolding a new canvas sheet and spread it on the table.

    Ning Xuemo's movements were deft. She grind the ink stone two or three times, but then, without any reason, as if the ink stick could bite, the tips of her finger broke after barely grinding any ink. She couldn't pull back in time and a drop of blood fell into the black ink.

    "Do I grind the ink again?" Ning Xuemo knew that the one before her was a perfectionist. She resigned to the fact that he would want to throw away the ink mix with a drop of her blood.

    "No harm." Han Shanyue raised his hand and pressed it on the ink slab.

    Ning Xuemo didn't have the time to retract her hand as he pressed his palm on the back of her hand.

    His palm was cold like ice, causing Ning Xuemo to suddenly burst into cold shivers. She knitted her brows and was about to retract her hand...
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