Chapter 315 – Do You Like Him? (2)

    Chapter 315 - Do You Like Him? (2)

    His palm was like freezing ice. Ning Xuemo shivered from the cold touch. With knitted brows, she tried to retract her hand, but the other party had already retracted his and was now using a snow white handkerchief to wipe his hands.

    Ning Xuemo remained silent, "..."

    She also unhurriedly fetched out a handkerchief from her chest pocket and wiped the back of her hand.

    Han Shanyue glanced at her, but didn't speak. He started to paint instead.

    After a moment, he softly replied to Ning Xuemo's question from before, "Since I can get the best, is it necessary to contend myself with a defect? Benzuo has never tolerated anything that fall short by even a little bit."

    A line completely befitting a perfectionist.

    Ning Xuemo observed his spotless robe. Then, she observed his hand holding the brush as he painted.

    His fingers were neat and slender with distinctive joints. They were fair like jade carvings. The brush waltzed under the will of his hand; mountains, forests and lakes gradually formed under the sweep of his brush.

    Suddenly, Ning Xuemo forgot to breath. She was also familiar with this scenery depicted in the painting. It was a landscape etched within her memories!

    She saw the palm shaped leaves and the twinkling clear water of that vast lake...

    Ning Xuemo was dazzled. She felt as if she was once more standing within the magnificent surroundings of the 9th Peak...

    She saw the dark green foliage platform and the little ginseng child sitting on top of it. As if she was inside a movie, one by one, the scenes within her memories successively flashed through.

    The two servants standing on the side suddenly sensed that something was wrong with Ning Xuemo!

    Her eyes was completely riveted on the painting sheet while Han Shanyue's brush jumped and flew across the paper as the pictures within the painting jumped out, offering a wondrous and fantastic scene. The pictures flashed out and quickly disappeared.

    'Ha? Is there something wrong with that brush?'

    The two assistants widened their eyes and were just about to speak, but Han Shanyue glanced at them faintly without warning. Their brains suddenly became stunned from that single glance while their entire beings felt somewhat faint. As a result, they were unable to ask anything and mechanically put their hands down.

    Ning Xuemo revealed an intoxicated expression as if she was drunk... Her eyes followed his painting brush, wandering on the sheet as he painted out everything that happened to her on the 9th Peak. In succession, one scene appeared while the other started to fade away...

    Ji Yunhuang was watching them from afar. In the beginning, his mind was completely guarded against any eventuality as he feared that Han Shanyue would harm Ning Xuemo.

    Later, as he saw Ning Xuemo was only given the task of grinding the ink stone, he let out a small sigh of relief.

    As a painting connoisseur, he also extremely curious about the kind of painting that Great Master Han Shanyue was working on.

    He really wanted to approach to take a look, but he feared that if he disobeyed the Art Sage, it could have an adverse effect.

    As he stood near the stairs, he paid attention to Ning Xuemo and saw that, as she stood next to Han Shanyue, her eyes were fixed on the painting sheet with eyes revealing an expression of intoxication. His heart itched from that sight.

    Finally, Han Shanyue stopped and threw away the brush in his hand. "Good!"

    Ning Xuemo's body shook as if she just woke up from a dream. Her body swayed strongly, but her legs were completely numb from standing!

    "Be careful!" Ji Yunhuang instinctively wanted to rush forwards to support her.

    Unfortunately, for some reason, he couldn't even take a step as his toes abruptly burst into pain and both his legs became paralyzed. He almost tumbled but grabbed onto the banister in time.

    By the time he was able to stand firmly, he discovered that Han Shanyue had used half of his arm to support Ning Xuemo and had put her on the chair near him.

    Ji Yunhuang was shocked, "..."

    Was his eyes playing tricks on him?

    Art Sage Han Shanyue, that not even demons and gods could easily approach, would surprisingly give a hand to support a girl?

    Seeing Han Shanyue helping without any other intentions, and knowing that Ning Xuemo was about to fall for real, Ji Yunhuang didn't have much to say.

    The numbness and pain on his legs had already disappeared, so he walked until he was in front of Ning Xuemo. He examined her complexion and asked, "Xuemo, how are you feeling?"
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